Most preterm twin in the UK leave the hospital after five months with a 0% survival rate

After being together for 14 years, Jade and Steve Crane decided that they ultimately wanted to start a family of their own. They tried IVF for 11 years after they were unable to become pregnant through natural mean. The couple had been through a lot of heartbreaks, but they finally found out they were expecting twins. Unfortunately, the infants were born so preterm at only 22 weeks and 5 days that the doctors warned the parents they wouldn’t survive and that they couldn’t even be considered “legally viable.”

They were given the moniker of “the United Kingdom’s most premature twins.” According to Good News Network, they were given absolutely no chance of surviving at all.  Now, five months after their birth, babies Harley and Harry Crane, who were conceived by means of in vitro fertilization (IVF), are going to be reunited with their parents in a situation that is being hailed as a miracle. 

Their mom, Jade, who is 39 years old, has remained at their side throughout the five months that they have spent in a newborn intensive care unit at Queens Medical Hospital in Nottingham, Nottingham, United Kingdom. When discussing the children’s survival, their dad Steve became extremely emotional.

He said: “They’re doing absolutely amazing. They’re doing all the things that we were told they wouldn’t do—they’re crying, they’re surviving. It’s really emotional. 140 days ago we didn’t think we’d be here.”

The twins were finally brought home, after an initial due date that was two and a half weeks away.

The path that Jade and Steve took to get to this point was a difficult one emotionally. They first attempted to conceive a child through natural means for a period of three years before Jade experienced an ectopic pregnancy. After that, in 2010, the couple made the decision to begin the IVF process. They also underwent IVF three times, during which they suffered heartbreaking miscarriages, which had an emotional toll on the couple.

On October 26, when Jade was 22 weeks pregnant, she went to the hospital for her prenatal checkup. They were told by the doctor that she had a miscarriage, but she was positive that this was not the case. Because Jade could feel the babies moving around, she insisted over and over that they were still alive. The pair had been shopping for clothing, as most expectant parents.

They were told by a nurse that the kid was born too soon to have a chance of survival and that this was also the reason why they hadn’t heard the baby cry. Steve expressed gratitude to the members of the hospital staff who had assisted them. “The absolutely stunning doctors, nurses, and surgeons have all been part of the making of this moment. It’s hard to say goodbye to them but I hope I never see them again,” she said.

They asserted that they had heard the baby cry, despite the fact that the nurse had stated that they had not. Jade recalled: “I heard this little cry. Harry did the same when he was born an hour later. Their little cries sounded like a tiny kitten.”

Even though the nurse had informed them there was no chance of survival, Jade and Steve, who had been trying for a child for 13 years, were not prepared to give up hope. Jade shared: “After they were born, I was Googling twins who survive at 22 weeks and trying to find any to give me hope.”

Jade was told that her infants were born with lung abnormalities and that they also had a major stomach problem. The pair was warned that the problems they were having could end up being fatal. However, the twins continued to surprise their parents as they made it through each day until they were finally taken home, despite the fact that they were continually prepared to say goodbye to them. According to BBC, Steve stated, “They’ll go down in medical history. I’m quite sure they’ll be having one of the wards named after them because everyone is just astounded by them!”