‘Most Amazing Human’: Wheelchair-bound man secretly learns to walk to surprise fiancée on wedding day

Kevin Taylor, a resident of Lubbock, Texas, had no idea what lay ahead for him in life. He had never given finding a life mate much attention, particularly after an unforeseen incident that flipped his world upside down.

But that didn’t mean the universe wasn’t busy crafting his tale even while he wasn’t on the lookout. Unbeknownst to Kevin, he would later meet someone who would make him weak in the knees as well as provide him inspiration to feel fearless, self-assured, and loved.

Kevin Taylor | Source: YouTube.com/AshleyClaster

The Painful Diagnosis

When Kevin shattered his leg all those years ago, it brought about significant change in his life. Later on, he learned that he suffered from a condition known as Reflex Sympathetic Syndrome, or RSD for short. RSD is an extremely uncommon nerve disorder that causes the affected area of the body to experience a severe stinging pain whenever it is touched.

Kevin’s surprise, fortunately, was a big success.

Since the syndrome’s causes remain complex, it is now believed incurable. Surgery, tissue damage, and even sprains, fractures, and fractures can all contribute to the chronic condition. In Kevin’s situation, the physicians informed him that his leg could not be cast because his leg injury caused RSD.

Kim Didway | Source: YouTube.com/AshleyClaster

He Chose to Be Upbeat

Kevin had frequent trips to the hospital for lengthy treatments since, according to the physicians, he had the most severe form of RSD. He believed himself to be strong and wasn’t very concerned about his health, but what he later discovered made him shook his confidence.

The doctors told Kevin they couldn’t save his leg after doing everything they could and using all of their medical knowledge. But despite going through the worst imaginable situations, the Lubbock resident made the decision to maintain his composure and maintained a positive attitude.

Kevin never complained despite the fact that he was in a wheelchair, but he couldn’t hide his loneliness. He had partially given up hope of ever finding true love and a spouse who would see past his wheelchair to his heart and soul.

Meeting a Special Someone

But everything changed when he crossed paths with Kim Didway in October 2012. When she first met him, she immediately felt a connection with him and was unable to forget his radiant smile.

Kim noticed that Kevin’s wheelchair didn’t bother her because of his enormous heart, which more than made up for his missing limbs. She continued, “He’s the most amazing human being [that] I’ve ever met in my entire life.”

The opposite was true for Kevin, who was thankful that Kim just cared about who he was on the inside and never perceived him as someone who used a wheelchair.


The couple decided they were meant to be after a few months of dating, and Kevin proposed to Kim. She consented right away, which touched him greatly. The Texas man thought himself fortunate because his fiancee made his life full of love and joy and increased his confidence.

Kevin comforts an emotional Kim with a hug on their wedding day. | Source: YouTube.com/AshleyClaster

The Best Surprise

Kim started walking down the aisle with her father on their wedding day, looking beautiful in a white gown. She suddenly noticed something that confused her: her fiancé had gotten out of his wheelchair and was heading her way. Kim continued as she fought back tears:

“I just saw him walk for the first time ever, and there are….I’m blown away (sic).”

Kim was seen battling with inexplicable feelings as Kevin took her in his arms in the heartwarming moment that was caught on video. As soon as she had fully recovered, the lovely pair sealed their love with a loving kiss while loved ones cheered them on in the background.

Kim and Kevin share a kiss on their wedding day. | Source: YouTube.com/AshleyClaster

Training Secretly

Kevin had been attending physiotherapy lessons, it turned out, to learn how to walk with prosthetic limbs. In order to surprise his beloved bride on their wedding day, he trained behind her back. Kevin clarified:

“Whenever the preacher says, ‘Everybody, please stand,’ I’m going to stand up … I’m going to walk to her. I’m going to make it the best day of her life.”

Kevin’s surprise, fortunately, was a resounding success. He found the strength to take his first steps and make their wedding a special occasion by using Kim’s love as his medicine.

Love above All Else

Unconditional love can work the most touching miracles, as demonstrated by Kevin’s ability to discover someone like Kim. If you liked reading this story, please share your thoughts with us on Facebook.

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