Mom’s tour of her ‘average middle-class house’ delivers precisely what people needed to see

Certainly, there’s a certain allure in gazing upon flawlessly curated homes that could easily grace the pages of Architectural Digest. A touch of inspiration never fails to spark creative thought. However, the pursuit of an immaculate existence is often a distant reality, particularly for those navigating busy schedules and financial constraints – a scenario that resonates with most of us.

Yet, perhaps there’s merit in bestowing admiration upon even the disheveled abodes. Those cluttered spaces that harbor perpetual piles of odds and ends, half-finished endeavors, unwashed dishes, and misplaced playthings. These are the dwellings that may never earn the coveted spotlight on a glossy magazine cover, yet adeptly encapsulate the myriad moments that life unfolds – both grand and subtle, exceptional and mundane, spanning the entire spectrum. For, in the grand tapestry of purpose, isn’t that the essence of a home?


Lets normalize “average” because there is nothing wrong with it. Everywhere you look on social media you see big gorgeous houses in perfect condition and its hard not to compare yours to them. But its not the norm and half the time its staged. Our house is lived in, and its filled with love and tons of memories and at the end of the day thats all that matters.

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Stephanie Murphy, a dedicated mother and creative presence on TikTok, appears to wholeheartedly subscribe to this notion. In a recent virtual tour, Murphy took her viewers on an expedition through an “average house,” a stark departure from the realm of aspirational living.

Among the candid revelations of Murphy’s household are a pantry door that has resisted a fresh coat of paint for three years, blinds held together by the humble binder clip, air conditioning units displaying resilience through duct tape, a steadfast dish rack nestled atop the countertops, and not one, but a pair of cluttered drawers dedicated to miscellaneous items (though by my estimation, that tally might be considered rather conservative).

Noteworthy in this walkthrough is the refrigerator adorned with her children’s artistic endeavors and school portraits. The arrangement lacks strategic placement, embracing instead the serendipitous dispersal that only nature can inspire.

Further exploration leads to the master bedroom, where Murphy and her spouse repose under separate blankets, rejecting the convention of shared coverings. A stroke of brilliance, this divergence exemplifies the potential to discard the customary confines of shared sleeping arrangements, suggesting an alternative that truly resonates.

The catalyst behind Murphy’s decision to showcase her “average, middle-class house” resides within the narrative of her video’s caption:

“Let’s render ‘average’ ordinary, for there is an inherent charm in its authenticity. Social media inundates us with visions of opulent homes, pristine and seemingly untouched, an experience that prompts inevitable comparisons. Yet, such instances seldom mirror the reality and are often meticulously staged. Our dwelling is marked by life’s imprints, a repository for cherished memories and boundless affection. In the grand scheme of things, these are the elements that truly count.”

Feedback emanating from the burgeoning commentary section of this now-viral post unmistakably attests to an appetite for more genuine representation.

“This is fantastic!” one individual effused. “I’m perpetually plagued by a sense of inadequacy when confronted with flawless homes that seem devoid of life!”

Another chimed in, “I feel understood.”

A resounding chorus indeed. Let us shed the mantle of inadequacy that can accompany an inhabited home. Imperfection possesses a unique allure all its own, an enchanting facet that forms a symphony of its own kind of beauty.

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