Mom’s heroic journey to save her son’s pet frog has taken the internet by storm

Beyond the obvious commitments of bringing a child into the world, mothers often go to almost comically exaggerated measures to ensure the happiness and safety of their little ones—sometimes even engaging in acts that seem straight out of a cartoon, like dealing with wild animals.

Take, for instance, the story of Shelby Rideout, a mother who has become a TikTok sensation due to her amusingly chronicled determination, frustration, and eventual exhaustion as she embarks on a mission to rescue her son’s pet frog. This adventurous frog took an unexpected turn by leaping into a nearby hole in the bathroom.

Is it peculiar? Certainly. But does it strike a chord of familiarity? Absolutely.

The entire debacle seemingly began when her son decided it was a brilliant idea to let the frog, fittingly named Kermit, explore beyond its enclosure and have a little bathroom adventure. It’s not hard to imagine how this situation could quickly spiral into chaos.

“The frog jumps around. Literally three seconds. It jumps to the vanity. There’s a freaking construction hole under the vanity. This big frog jumps and is lost in the wall,” Rideout says in the clip.

Witnessing her son in a state of “hysterics” due to the missing amphibian, Rideout was absolutely determined to come to the rescue. This is precisely why we see her in the video, stationed inside the bathroom closet, patiently waiting for Kermit to make an appearance.

“My son’s asleep in hysterics, thinking he’s going to have a dead frog in the wall — not on my watch,” she declares.

@brightsignslearning I am over 1 hour into a legit stand off. #frog #momlife #longnight #momsoftiktok #fyp #standoff ♬ original sound – brightsignslearning

One might assume that a clever setup involving a tempting cricket and a bowl of water would be effective. However, disappointingly, it didn’t work out that way. Rideout even resorted to a somewhat comical attempt,  “prayed to Saint Anthony” for assistance, though it yielded no results.

“I wish I could tell you I was joking. I’ve been in the closet for an hour,” she laments. Yet, given that the frog began occasionally peeking out, surrendering is simply not an option.

“This. This is motherhood,” remarked one individual in response to the situation.

After an additional hour passes, Rideout shares a subsequent video update. By this time, her initial video has garnered a staggering 8.9 million views.

With a raspy voice and bloodshot eyes, Rideout recounts her attempts to employ various alternative tactics over the course of the ordeal—additional crickets, a plastic fish tank tube, simulated noises to create the illusion of being pursued—yet none of these strategies have proven effective.

Fortunately, a helpful suggestion emerges: turning off the lights to create a more soothing environment for Kermit. Remarkably, this approach yields the desired results.

@brightsignslearning UPDATE- Frog in the wall! #momlife #frog #standoff #rescue #momsoftiktok #fyp ♬ original sound – brightsignslearning

“I got him! Got him! I got him! I got him! I got him!” Rideout cries right before admitting, “We had a fish die from mouth to mouth. I could not have two deaths on me this week.” That in itself is a whole other crazy story.

In the end, individuals were just as elated about Rideout’s triumph as she was. And they couldn’t resist applauding her unwavering commitment.

One person wrote, “And the award for the best mom ever goes out to…”

Another added, “Your son will never forget how much effort you put in for him.”

While it might not necessarily encompass frog rescues every time, countless mothers out there are willing to undertake equally unconventional actions for the sake of their children. May their determination be blessed.

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