Mom wins lottery with ticket she buys while celebrating her daughter’s victory over cancer

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Having depleted her life savings to fund her daughter’s breast cancer treatment, a grandmother from Florida received a stroke of luck.

She purchased the final remaining scratch-off ticket for her favorite lottery game at a store and won a $2 million jackpot.

Geraldine Gimblet from Lakeland was commemorating the occasion when her daughter, Lawrencia Jackson, rang a bell at the nearby hospital indicating the completion of her breast cancer treatment.

Geraldine Gimblet, aged 74 and a regular lottery player, spent $10 on the last scratch-off card available at the store and was pleasantly surprised to discover that she had won. “I just didn’t know,” Gimblet told Good Morning America. “I was like, ‘Are you sure, would you check this on your phone?’ And, I won!”

Accompanied by her daughter, Lawrencia Jackson, Gimblet visited the Tallahassee lottery offices to collect a lump sum of $1.6 million. Jackson referred to it as a “blessing.”

Gimblet did not hesitate to pay for her daughter’s cancer treatment, stating that she simply “did what I had to do.” Jackson expressed her gratitude by saying that she would “just have to keep loving her” as a way of trying to repay her kindness.