Mom sticks $50 to the UNO card on the floor to see how long it takes for her children to get it up

Nadine was curious as to when her sons would really pick up the UNO card that was lying on the floor. So she thought of a humorous method to put them to the test.

Everyone has encountered someone in their life who does not appear to adhere to the same “cleaning standards” as they do. When we feel that someone isn’t doing their fair share of housework, whether it’s a spouse or children, irritation may be rife. As one woman on the internet is going to demonstrate, mothers particularly understand this challenge!

To test how long her children would stay without cleaning up, one cunning mother decided to play the ultimate practical joke on them.


Theoron (16) and Cam (14) are two of Nadine King’s sons. They live in Massachusetts. Nadine made a decision to start the new year off with something that people all across the globe are relating to. It turns out that certain things must be learned the hard way and others must be learned with a little help from prizes!

One day, while Nadine was moving down the corridor, she saw a UNO card lying on the ground.


The card was placed between the boys’ door and belonged to one of her children. Nadine, though, noticed a chance when she knelt down to pick up the card. She made her way to her wallet and made the decision to remove some cash and turn the situation into a game.

She described what she was doing while recording a self-talk video on her phone.


She said: “The date is January 12, 2022. This is $50 bucks, and this is an UNO card that’s been camped outside my boys room for I don’t know how long. I’m going to put $50 bucks under it. The objective of this experiment is to see how long something can sit on the floor of my house until someone picks it up.”

Nadine did nothing except sit back and wait while the experiment got underway. She soon lost hope that it would ever be picked up! She provided a couple of updates on the card’s progress in her video. The card and the money were still attached after more than a week.


The card held up even after a snowstorm kept the youngsters indoors for a whole day.


The saddest thing happened

When Nadine went to check the card one day, she saw that it was still there. The card was still there, though, and someone had removed the cash.


Funny enough, one of her children, Theoron, withdrew the cash after discovering it underneath the card. He took off the taped-on money, set the card back down on the floor, and went about his day. Nadine learned about the situation and couldn’t stop but laugh at how absurd it was.


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