Mom sends her child to school with two sandwiches in order to feed a starving boy

Dylan felt sorry for his classmate who couldn’t afford a nice lunch, so he approached his mother with a plea. Only she went one step farther.

Many parents are accustomed to sending their children to school with a prepared lunch. While it may appear simple, not every parent is able to do so due to budgetary constraints.

Unfortunately, millions of children in the United States are hungry.


When Josette Duran’s son Dylan came home from school one day and asked her to pack some extra snacks in his lunch for the next day, she was perplexed.

She had always brought enough food for him, so it seemed perplexing that he would require more.

However, as Dylan stated his reasoning, the entire scenario became quite clearer.

It turns out that the additional meal he requested was not for him at all, but for a fellow classmate who Dylan wished to assist. According to Inside Edition, Dylan spotted another youngster sitting alone at lunch that day, eating only a fruit cup.


The second youngster didn’t have enough money to buy a school lunch, and his mother could only afford a small fruit cup.

Josette knew what she had to do after hearing Dylan’s story. No one deserves to go hungry, but the other boy’s mother had suddenly lost her job and was extremely strapped for cash. Josette began making two lunches for Dylan to take to school every day after that.


Every meal included two sandwiches, snacks, drinks, chips, and fruits, as well as a unique letter that read, “Have a great lunch boys!”.

When Josette was interviewed, she was very bashful about her generous act.
“I don’t think I did anything special. You know, I just think that… I just did what a human being is supposed to do,” she told Inside Edition.


Josette eventually met the other boy’s mother in person.

The woman offered to repay her for the food in the future, but Josette refused.
She claimed to have experienced financial difficulties. She had been homeless herself in the past.

Josette is now the school volleyball coach, and she and the team collaborated to gather funds to assist other students in the school who were in a similar predicament.
All of the funds donated will be used to provide school lunches for all students, ensuring that no child in their school goes hungry again.

The entire narrative is uplifting, and Josette is correct. It is critical that we watch out for one another as humans.
Helping others in our communities is something we should all aim to do more of.

After all, circumstances may change in an instant, and you never know when you might be in a similar situation. A stroke of ill luck can leave you just as depressed and in need of help from others in an instant, but that is life. We all go through hard patches from time to time, and no one is immune.

Everything Josette did was great, but so was Dylan’s! His mother would not have learned about the problem if he hadn’t had a huge heart and wanted to help the pupil in the first place. Excellent work, young man!