Mom says that no one welcomed or celebrated the birth of her crippled daughter

For almost nine months, Eliza Jamkochian Bahneman, 36, and her husband Erik, 41, struggled to conceive before receiving some wonderful news. The woman was due to become a mother.

Like any new mother would be, she was thrilled. Eliza quickly told her family the wonderful news, and they were all overjoyed for the happy couple.

At the time, Eliza was happy to finally have her own children because all of her sisters and relatives already had their own families.

She was granted a miracle, as becoming pregnant at her age would be challenging. Eliza and her husband are incredibly appreciative of their blessing, which they now know will be a baby girl.

Everything was simply great, and everyone could not wait to welcome the new family member in a few months.

Eliza was ready to give birth on the scheduled day since she had planned ahead. Naturally, her infant had other ideas.

Little Isabella, often known as Bella, was born a month early rather than on the scheduled day. Eliza and Erik are prepared for their daughter’s earlier arrival despite the change in schedule.

It took Isabella 12 hours to give birth in October 2018. Although she was large at 5.12 pounds, she also had other unique characteristics.

Eliza discovered the reaction was not what she anticipated it would be when her child was born.

A different scenario, one where celebratory shouts and smiles were reserved only for her and her child, played out in her head.

The atmosphere she experienced after her kid was born was one of silence and melancholy. Later, she learns that there was an explanation for everyone’s surprise responses.

When Eliza noticed the expressions of the people in the birthing room, her heart fell.

When they saw the new baby who had just entered their life, they appeared bewildered, dejected, and unable to smile.

Treacher-Collins syndrome, a hereditary disorder that impairs the growth of the facial bones and results in malformations, was present from birth in little Bella.

In addition, Bella’s illness caused other problems. The infant also had a narrow airway, microtia, a hard and soft cleft palate, a small and sunken jaw, and hearing impairments.

“When she was born, I noticed a really small folded ear, but I was told babies look a bit weird when they are first born, so I didn’t think much of it. But as I looked around, I knew something was wrong. Nobody was congratulating me, and my mother and husband looked confused and scared. It was strangely silent and then the doctor left the room. I had no idea what was going on.”

The love of a mother, however, goes beyond outward appearances. Without regard to your identity or material possessions, it is unconditional.

When Eliza finally got to hold Isabella, she couldn’t help but feel joy at having her daughter in her arms.

“I finally got to hold Isabella she looked different. But I fell in love with her instantly and knew everything was going to be okay.”

Despite being different, Isabella’s parents still adore her. It is to be expected that others would gawk at their daughter’s peculiar looks, but this won’t stop them from showering her with affection.