Mom prayed for daughter who stopped breathing for 30 minutes, and the girl squeezed mother’s hand

After falling into a pond, a young girl was discovered by her family without a heartbeat for 30 minutes. Despite the bleak situation, the girl’s mother drew upon her faith to pray for a miracle and revive her daughter. Eventually, the girl displayed a sign of life by squeezing her mother’s hand while being treated at the hospital.

For parents, nothing is more terrifying than losing sight of their child, particularly in a large property with numerous potential locations for them to wander off to. Such was the situation faced by the Aycock family when they discovered that their 2-year-old daughter, Tessa Claire, had gone missing.

The Aycock family resided in a spacious 5-acre plot, complete with a sizable field and a large pond. It was possible that the young girl had wandered outside the house and made her way to either of these locations.

Finding the Missing Girl

After searching for 20 minutes without success, Amanda, Tessa’s mom, urged her husband to start looking in their large pond. Despite knowing that it wouldn’t be an easy task, Amanda was determined to find Tessa and was willing to search even the difficult areas.

As Amanda approached the pond, she heard sudden screams for help from her husband and father-in-law, signaling that something terrible had occurred.

At first, the idea of searching the pond and locating Tessa seemed unlikely for the family. The pond was covered in moss, making it impossible to see anything beneath it. Nonetheless, Amanda’s father-in-law trusted his intuition and decided to search the pond.

Amanda’s father-in-law and his son plunged into the pond and cast a fishing net twice in search of Tessa. It was during their second attempt that they were finally able to locate Tessa, who was unresponsive and without a pulse.

Doing CPR on the Girl

They were determined to keep Tessa alive, and without delay, they administered CPR until the emergency services arrived. Though she had no discernible signs of life, her heart inexplicably resumed beating after being transported in an ambulance.

After Tessa had been submerged in the pond for half an hour, those present had already been performing CPR on her for another 30 minutes. In order to provide her with optimal treatment, she was subsequently moved to a different hospital, where she was admitted to the pediatric ICU.

When Tessa was admitted to the hospital, her family was confronted with a difficult decision: either they could opt for resuscitation in the event of another cardiac arrest, or they could sign a “Do Not Resuscitate” form to spare her from additional distress.

Leaning on Faith for Strength

Amanda, Tessa’s grief-stricken mother, turned to her faith for solace and resilience. Although she struggled to come to terms with her 2-year-old’s predicament, she held fast to the belief that everything happened for a reason according to God’s plan.

Ultimately, Tessa’s family decided to opt for resuscitation should the need arise. Despite her survival, Tessa’s health issues continued to deteriorate, leaving Amanda with no recourse but to seek comfort and guidance from God.

The prayers for Tessa’s recovery were not limited to just Amanda and her family. Friends, neighbors, and even strangers from the community joined in, fervently imploring for divine intervention. Amanda was overwhelmed with emotion and at one point, she collapsed beside her daughter, clutching her hand tightly.

Amanda cried: “I can’t do this life without her. I need her, Father. I am begging you. I am begging you.” Amanda persisted in her prayers, and in a poignant moment, she received an answer from God. As she held onto her daughter’s hand, Tessa’s fingers suddenly clasped around hers, imbuing Amanda with the strength and fortitude to carry on.

A Miraculous Recovery

Over the course of the subsequent days, Tessa exhibited indications of improvement. Nevertheless, despite her advances, physicians cautioned her family that she would not be the same. The brain damage she had incurred was so extensive that it would affect her mannerisms, speech, and even her capacity to recall individuals – Tessa might not even recognize her own loved ones.

Notwithstanding the discouraging prognosis, Amanda remained steadfast in her faith that God would bring about her daughter’s recovery. Even though they had a challenging journey ahead, the optimistic mother had faith that their prayers, along with the outpouring of encouragement and contributions from their well-wishers, would help them persevere.

According to Amanda, if there’s one thing to sum up everything her family has learned from the whole ordeal, it is this:

“God is faithful and in control.”