Mom finally discovers the son’s fate after more than two decades since he was kidnapped

A California mother finally made contact with her son after giving up hope of ever seeing him again after he was taken more than 20 years ago.

When his dad took Steve Hernandez, he was 18 months old. When his mother, Maria Mancia, returned home one day, she found that her son’s dad had taken him away and left no trace.

The mother has only one picture of her son.

Over twenty years after losing contact with her son, Mancia finally got the chance to reunite with him. She just reconnected with her 22-year-old son, who was found living in Puebla, Mexico.

The Bernardino County District Attorney’s Office in California led the search for Hernandez. According to information they received he may be in Mexico,

A few months later, a heartbreaking reunion between the mother and son was caught on camera.

Mancia said that her suffering ended now after her child came back.

Hernandez’s dad is missing and is believed to be dead. An investigator named Karen Cragg used the man’s disappearance and death as justification to get in touch with the son.

According to Cragg, they informed Hernandez that they were investigating his dad and that they needed his DNA to assist them in locating him. They were careful not to scare him off. What was happening down there was unclear to them. They need to proceed cautiously.

Using DNA evidence, investigators were able to connect Hernandez and Mancia.

Hernandez says that when he was a youngster, his father never revealed anything about his mother.

Hernandez added that learning that his mother is alive and well in another nation was traumatic for him since he had spent all these years without seeing her. At the meeting, the young guy discovered he has four siblings.

Hernandez decided to stay in the US with his mother and not go back to Mexico.

Watch the video about their reunion