Mom describes her horrible case of “hyperemesis gravidarum” and other moms can relate

Extreme morning sickness known as hyperemesis gravidarum, which can extend all the way up until delivery, may necessitate medical care.

Next to strange food cravings, morning sickness is one of the most well-known and frequently made fun of pregnant symptoms. Even though it’s unpleasant, nausea is frequently quite manageable with simple foods, lots of drinks, and sometimes some ginger. By the 20-week milestone, it typically resolves naturally.

However, it doesn’t always. Sometimes, and to a considerably greater extent, mothers vomit and endure nausea right up until the baby is born.

HG is less well-known than typical morning sickness, yet those who experience it are likely to never forget it. Dehydration, fainting, low blood pressure, and even jaundice are a few more symptoms that can result from chronic, severe nausea and vomiting.

How much of an impact it may have was demonstrated in a popular TikTok by Emily Boazman, a mother who experienced HG while carrying her third child.

The video, which has had 6.6 million views as of this writing, depicts Boazman in many instances slouched over and weary, entirely unable to take care of her other children or prevent her home from falling into disarray. The scene is gruesome and depressing to behold.

@emilyboazman TIKTOK THINKS THIS IS TOO GRAPHIC.ūüôĄūüė§ they keep flagging my videos and warning my account.ūüė§ #hyperemesisgravidarum #severemorningsickness #hyperemesisgravidarumpregnancy ‚ô¨ original sound – Emily Boazman

The mother of three children wrote in the accompanying description, “TIKTOK THINKS THIS TOO GRAPHIC.” She explained in an earlier video that the fact that she had to concentrate on just getting through each day left her with feelings of guilt because she was unable to take care of her two girls. The daughters would play throughout the day and “destroy the house,” while her husband would be responsible for cooking and cleaning up after them at night.

Boazman’s video almost immediately attracted a deluge of comments from other mothers who had been through comparable ordeals in their own lives. Many women had the impression that it deprived them of the pleasures of pregnancy and made them less interested in having more children.

‚ÄúHyperemesis gravidarum absolutely destroyed me. I couldn‚Äôt function. It took such a beautiful thing and turned it into my nightmare ūüėĒ,‚ÄĚ wrote one person.

Another wrote, “Hyperemesis is why I will no longer have any more kids…

I almost died with my last…

it‚Äôs such a real dangerous thing and people don‚Äôt understand that.‚ÄĚ

There is currently no known cure for hyperemesis gravidarum; however, there are therapies that could be of assistance. According to WebMD, physicians may advise patients to make adjustments to their lifestyle, such as eating more frequently and eating smaller meals, or to take dietary supplements, such as ginger, vitamin B6, thiamine, or an electrolyte-containing beverage. In certain circumstances, the patient might need specific medications or even to be hospitalized.

Boazman’s previous experience with hyperemesis gravidarum did not dissuade her from wanting to carry pregnancy agian in the future. In a subsequent TikTok, she revealed that she intends to have five children. With any luck, the following two rounds will go off without a hitch.