Mom carries disabled son on her back so that he can explore the world – a true display of a mother’s love

Niki Antram is a mother whose love knows no bounds, as she has traveled the world with her son, Jimmy Antram, on her back, fulfilling a promise she made to him. Together, they have explored Bali, Hawaii, and beyond, with Niki effortlessly carrying her son and giving him the best views from her shoulders.

When Niki was just 17 years old, she became a mother to Jimmy, who was diagnosed with blindness and epilepsy at just two months old. But despite the challenges, Niki vowed to make sure her son saw the world. Now, at the age of 46, she still carries her 26-year-old son on her back, and Jimmy is happy to be carried, even though he has a wheelchair.

Niki goes to great lengths to make sure their travels go smoothly, packing everything they need and informing companies of their situation in advance. But for Niki, the simplest things bring the most joy to Jimmy, who she describes as a party animal like herself. She is constantly looking for ways to give him the best and most adventurous life possible.

Speaking to Daily Mail Australia, Niki describes her son as her inspiration, as he is always happy and smiling, despite never having seen colors, clouds, or rainbows. She marvels at his ability to find joy in the simplest things, and finds her own sadness melt away when she sees him smiling.

This mother-son duo’s story is truly inspirational, demonstrating that with a heart full of love, anything is possible. They have traveled more than most people, regardless of Jimmy’s condition, and their adventures continue to inspire.

Our hats and hearts go off to Niki and Jimmy, and we hope they continue to make their dreams a reality. You can follow their adventures on their official blog.