Missing-for-a-week Massachusetts woman found alive after being stuck in mud at local park

Emma Tetewsky, aged 31, was last sighted by Stoughton residents on June 26th.

Missing-for-a-week Massachusetts woman found alive after being stuck in mud at local park

A Massachusetts woman who had been reported missing for a week was found alive after hikers discovered her trapped in mud at a state park on Monday.

Emma Tetewsky had gone missing in the vicinity of a local pond in southeast Massachusetts.

In an update shared on Facebook, the Stoughton Police Department revealed that Tetewsky, aged 31, was found by hikers who were passing through Borderland State Park. Since they were unable to free her themselves due to her prolonged entrapment in the mud, the hikers promptly notified the Easton Police. Authorities responded by using ATVs to successfully extract her from the mud.

Emma Tetewsky was found conscious and alert and was taken to a local hospital for observation, according to a statement. She was last seen by Stoughton residents on June 26 in the area of Lakewood Drive and Pinewood Pond. Her family last saw her near their residence in Stoughton on June 25 and reported her missing the following day.

The police didn’t suspect any foul play but were concerned for her health and well-being as she may not have had access to food or water. Emma is known to frequently go for walks, but she doesn’t have a cell phone or money at this time. The authorities conducted an extensive search using dogs, foot patrols, sonar, helicopters, and drones in the wooded areas abutting Pinewood Pond.

In a statement, the Stoughton Police Department expressed gratitude to the numerous agencies involved in the week-long search for Emma. “The public never gave up hope that she would be located safely. She could not have been located without the public’s help,” they said.

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