Miss Universe Thailand’s gown made of can pull tabs is a tribute to her parents, who are “garbage collectors”

It is also known as the “Hidden Precious Diamond Dress” since it is embellished with Swarovski diamonds.

The Miss Universe pageant is something that people anticipate every year because of the glitz and glamour. The contestants’ stunning gowns and dresses never fail to draw attention. At the preliminary competition for Miss Universe 2022, there was a very special surprise, though, this time. Everyone was in awe of Anna Sueangam’s “Hidden Precious Diamond Dress,” a stunning evening gown made from recycled aluminium drink can pull tabs and studded with Swarovski diamonds. Given that her mother and father both work as garbage collectors and street sweepers, the garment actually has a much deeper meaning. The “garbage beauty queen” label, according to Miss Universe Thailand, “It never stopped her from shining bright as a precious gem.” Manirat, a Thai designer, is credited with creating her dress, according to Republic World.

“You must not get stuck with murky surroundings you were born into, but do believe you have the power to change your own life for the better,” the inspirational quote by Anna Sueangam-iam, Miss Universe Thailand 2022, precisely reflects and self-defines her own significant characteristic,” read the Instagram which showcased the dress and its true significance. It wrote, “Persistence, tenaciousness and optimism within her have led her to great success in life. It is the result of being brought up by a father who is a garbage collector, a street-sweeper mother, and a virtuous nun who was Anna’s great-grandmother. Although she was called by some as ‘The garbage beauty queen,’ that never stops her from shining bright as a precious gem,” but that hasn’t stopped her from shining like a precious gem. She has now won the hearts of millions of people, regardless of whether she wins or loses.

The tweet from @thekimrlln read, “Miss Ma’am, Miss Universe Thailand’s evening gown is made of can pull tabs as a homage to her garbage collector dad and street sweeper mom Thailand is back in their A-game”, wrote @thekimrlln. “Miss Thailand’s gown is made of recycled can pieces to honor her parents who worked as garbage collectors that’s it give HER the crown!!!” On Saturday, January 14, in New Orleans, Louisiana, the United States, the Miss Universe will be crowned. On Saturday, Miss Ukraine and Miss Russia might lock horns a little bit. Miss Russia Anna Linnikova and Miss Ukraine Viktoria Apanasenko recently gave a small preview of their vibrant outfits before competing for the jewelled crown at the pageant, according to the New York Post.

For the competition, Apanasenko opted for the Warrior of Light costume, which, according to her Instagram caption, “symbolizes our nation’s war against darkness,” and consisted of a long, flowing jumpsuit with extravagant wings and gold headpiece. “Like Archangel Michael, who defends Ukraine with a sword, it protects us,” she wrote, adding that the costume “carries light through the darkness that came to our peaceful lands with the aggressor.” Linnikova of Russia, on the other hand, opted for a dark red velvet dress with a pearl-adorned dress to represent the Crown of the Russian Empire. The costume for Apanasenko was made, according to its creator Lesia Patoka, to “show the world that Ukraine is strong, brave, and unbreakable. We are willing to fight for our freedom because we are aware of its cost. Due to the lack of electricity in the Ukraine’s war-torn country, the dress’ four-month completion time was caused by the use of candles only.

The Miss Universe pageants are all about showcasing and appreciating the various cultures and traditions from around the world. It serves as a platform for bringing attention to the prejudices, inequalities, discriminations, and hatred that many countries face or have faced. People are coming up with innovative ways to demonstrate what Miss Universe is and should be about, from Miss Thailand’s upcycled gown to Russia and Ukraine’s attire to represent the ongoing war.