Michael J. Fox introduces adorable new pet dog, Blue, with a warm welcome to their new home

Beloved actor, Michael J. Fox, announces new pet dog, and fans adore their heartwarming photo together.

“Hey Blue, welcome to your new home!” wrote the actor on Instagram, introducing his adorable puppy.

Celebrities like Jennifer Grey and Juliana Margulies joined Fox’s followers in congratulating him on his new furry friend.

Many also noticed the striking resemblance between Blue and Einstein, Doc Brown’s dog from Back to the Future.

Fox’s previous dog, Gus, played a significant role in his life, providing love and support during his battle with Parkinson’s disease.

“When you have a chronic illness, a dog will open you up,” he shared in an interview with CBS News.

Gus offered comfort, especially during Fox’s spine surgery in 2018, with his reassuring presence and woofing.

While it’s heartbreaking to lose a beloved dog like Gus, Fox’s new companion, Blue, is sure to bring him comfort and companionship in the days ahead.

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