Meet the canine co-pilot with thousands of air miles under her belt

Bria, a 6-year-old dog, has logged numerous air miles alongside her owner Charles Gregg, who is not only a pilot but also the co-founder of the boutique airline Air Unlimited.

“Our devotion is to flying with pets,” Gregg shared with “Good Morning America.”

Together, they have embarked on flights spanning from Florida to destinations such as Colorado and the Bahamas.

Charles Gregg’s connection with Bria dates back to her puppy days, and he attests that she has always been comfortable with flying.

When not in the skies, Bria can often be spotted in the airline’s hangar, at ease in the pilot’s seat.

“She’s an integral part of our family, and we cherish having her along,” Gregg expressed.

Air Unlimited, with an annual passenger count exceeding 200,000, welcomes pets onboard and is enthusiastic about the experience.

Safety remains a paramount concern during flights. Consequently, Gregg permits multiple dogs to travel together, provided they are already acquainted.

“We prioritize the comfort of our canine passengers by ensuring familiarity among them,” Gregg noted.

In his estimations, Gregg has accompanied approximately 100 dogs to diverse locations, making each journey a canine-friendly one.

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