Massive dog protects bus stop until small girl departs safely

Canines are renowned for their loyalty.

Being pack animals, dogs will go to great lengths to safeguard their loved ones. A heartwarming video illustrates that dogs can occasionally serve as an additional set of eyes for the youngsters in their household.


A parent chose to capture on video the interactions between their dog and daughter as she awaits the bus on school mornings.

In addition to demonstrating the dog’s protective instincts, the recorded video is incredibly endearing.

From young kindergartners to high school students, pupils all over the country rely on a large yellow school bus for transportation each morning. These buses are regarded as the safest mode of transport on the road by the NHTSA.

Although we can’t be with our children throughout their entire school day, many parents make an effort to walk with their kids to the bus stop to ensure their safe departure.

This particular family has a large dog that takes its responsibilities seriously. As their young daughters wait for the bus, the dog can be found sitting on the driveway out front.

The cute video that has been making the rounds on the internet depicts the dog sitting perfectly still like a statue, while the parent records the scene from a close distance.

Judging by the behavior of the dog, it appears as if it’s keeping a watchful eye out for the bus and any suspicious activity around the area.

A YouTube commenter expressed the following opinion:

“How cuteeeeeeeee!!!!! Animals have more sense than humans give them credit for!”


For many of us, our dogs are regarded as part of the family, and it’s not surprising that they may reciprocate such emotions, resulting in protective behaviors.

According to the Scottsdale Pet Hotel website, dogs have an inherent tendency to want to ensure the safety of their family members.

They say: “Protectiveness comes from a dog’s wolf ancestors and centuries of breeding, which means that dogs instinctively know when a human child is in need of care.”

There have been instances where dogs have gone to great lengths to protect children, such as following them into the wilderness, and other remarkable situations where these loyal companions have demonstrated bravery worthy of recognition.

Although the canine in the following video may not exhibit any extraordinary behavior, it serves as a remarkable illustration of the steadfast loyalty and protective nature of our pets even on an ordinary day.


A noteworthy moment in the clip occurs when the yellow school bus ultimately arrives.

The parent observes the arrival of the vehicle and the children boarding it gradually. Throughout this process, the dog remains seated and observant, even when his companions vanish into the seating area.

Only after the doors have completely shut does the dog finally move. In fact, it’s quite amusing to witness the furry creature promptly spring up from the driveway the moment its task is completed!

The video concludes with the pup returning down the walkway to his home, having accomplished his task successfully. Observing how this pup watches over his owners is incredibly endearing, making him undeniably the most affectionate dog.