Maryland man wins $50,000 lottery prize with help of his mother’s license plate number

A resident of Maryland, who frequently employs his mother’s license plate number for lottery participation, had a stroke of luck when those very digits led him to win a $50,000 prize in the Pick 5 game.

The man from Forestville shared with Maryland Lottery officials that he acquired his ticket for the evening drawing of Pick 5 on August 5. This ticket was purchased at the Exxon gas station situated on Suitland Road in Morningside. Interestingly, the ticket featured his usual sequence of numbers, namely 4-2-5-2-5, which he had derived from his mother’s license plate.

The man revealed that his sister, who likewise often employs the identical number combination for lottery entries, reached out to him upon seeing the drawing’s results.

“Mom’s number came up,” the man recounted his sister’s words.

Although his sister hadn’t purchased a ticket for that specific Pick 5 drawing, she urged her brother to inspect his tickets. Using the Maryland Lottery app, he confirmed that he had, in fact, won a $50,000 prize.

The man and his wife expressed their intention to allocate a portion of the winnings to his mother, while the remaining funds will be utilized for enhancing their home, enjoying a celebratory dinner, and bolstering their savings.

“We’re going to build the bank account back up,” he said.

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