Mark Wahlberg says he maintains his mom memories alive by listening to her voicemails

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that Mark Wahlberg is a fan of body training, but it was clear that his love for Alma, his late mother, had a profound effect on him.

The matriarch of the Wahlberg family passed away in April 2021, and the “Boogie Nights” actor, who is now 51 years old, stated in an interview that he keeps her memory alive by regularly listening to her voicemails and other recordings.

According to Sheinelle Jones, who conducted an interview with Alma Wahlberg in 2018, he said that she had an impact on everyone she met.

She really did mean what she said, Mark, Sheinelle remarked of the occurrence. She had a profound impact on her life. According to her account, the conversation with Alma was supposed to last between 20 and 30 minutes but ended up lasting several hours instead.

He goes on to remark that his mother was the epitome of hard labor, noting that she did everything it took to take care of her nine children.

He said that she served as a genuine motivation for him.  He is referring to the recordings and voicemails that she left for him, both of which he listens to on a regular basis. This is all that he has left at this point.

Wahlberg underlined the advice that he now gives to everyone he knows who still has living parents. He advises people to contact their parents every day, tell them how much they love them, and be there and connect with them as much as one can.