Mark Wahlberg leaves Hollywood for Las Vegas with teen children to give them chance to thrive

Mark Wahlberg has revealed why he decided to relocate with his family from Los Angeles to Las Vegas.

Speaking to Fox News Digital, the 51-year-old actor explained that the move was made to benefit his four children, aged between 13 and 19, giving them a chance to thrive.

Wahlberg shares his children with his wife, Rhea Durham.

The filmmaker continued, ‘It just has the best of both worlds. I know a lot of people, when they think Las Vegas, they think the Strip. 

‘But just about 15, 20 minutes away, there’s a whole lot of other amazing areas that are all about family and community.’

Mark Wahlberg emphasized that his decision to move to Las Vegas was primarily driven by his desire to support his children in pursuing their goals and dreams.

Mark Wahlberg mentioned that his daughter is into equestrian, his son plays golf, and his oldest daughter is now attending college.

He also highlighted that there are ample opportunities for him in Las Vegas, such as creating a studio, building a shoe factory, and generating job opportunities in the area.

Last fall, Mark Wahlberg discussed his move to Nevada on The Talk, expressing his hope that the state will pass legislation providing a tax credit to build a state-of-the-art studio in the area.

Additionally, as an executive producer, he is always on the lookout for new opportunities and adventures.

‘I hope to create of a lot of opportunity here. And I moved to California originally to make movies. I’ve made three movies in the last 15 years in LA. So, as you know, it’s been difficult.

‘The kids are really happy, and it’s all about them.’

In April 2022, Wahlberg listed his Beverly Hills mansion, which has 12 bedrooms and 20 bathrooms, for sale at $87.5 million. According to TMZ, the property was eventually sold to an undisclosed buyer for slightly over $55 million.

According to Wahlberg, he hopes to seek the support of the state’s Republican Governor Joe Lombardo to advance his plans for a film studio based in Las Vegas.

He believes there is potential for expansion in the area, and the new governor is keen on creating job opportunities beyond gaming.

‘So we’re looking to create 10,000 jobs on the studio alone. The average salary would be $100,000 more than what it is now. 

‘We want to train people both in front of and behind the camera, create jobs, most importantly, first and foremost, for locals.’

Wahlberg spoke highly of the benefits of living in a tax-free state, mentioning how he brought around 15-20 people who worked with him to move there.

They were able to upgrade from struggling to pay rent for a three-bedroom house to living in a six-bedroom house at half the cost.

He also mentioned how they now live in a gated community with a nearby school and are able to enjoy a much better lifestyle that is more affordable.

On Monday, Mark attended the opening of Wahlburgers At Mandalay Bay Resort And Casino in Nevada with his older brother Chef Paul Wahlberg, 59.

The restaurant chain was founded in 2011 by Mark and his brothers Donnie and Chef Paul. In 2016, the Las Vegas Wahlburgers opened at the Grand Bazaar Shops at the Horseshoe, formerly Bally’s. During the grand opening event, Wahlberg and Chef Paul were honored with the Key to the Strip.

Mark expressed his excitement about the second Las Vegas opening, saying it was a location he found with friends who worked at MGM and Mandalay Bay.

He also mentioned that the first Las Vegas restaurant at the Horseshoe is their largest revenue earner among their portfolio of nearly 100 restaurants in the United States, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.

Mark also noted that people from all over the world who have had Wahlburgers and want a taste of home tend to gravitate towards their locations.

From 2015-2019, Wahlberg and his family members starred in the A&E reality series Wahlburgers, which chronicled the growth of their family business over 10 seasons.

When asked about the success of the brand, Wahlberg expressed both confidence and surprise, saying, ‘I did, and I didn’t [know it would become so successful]. I obviously had a huge belief in my brother Paul as a chef and his culinary skills, which is why we decided to do the restaurants in the first place.’

He went on to say that with 97 locations now in operation across the US, Australia, and New Zealand, it’s hard to predict such explosive growth. The show served as an effective marketing tool, giving viewers a behind-the-scenes look at the family’s business and fostering a sense of connection with the audience. Wahlberg concluded that the show was “great to have that kind of brand recognition.”