Marine awarded Medal of Honor for heroically jumping on grenade to save comrade

Whether or not you’re familiar with his name, one thing that cannot be disputed is that William Kyle Carpenter is a true American hero.

Kyle earned the rank of Lance Corporal in the United States Marines at the young age of 21. He was deployed to Afghanistan in 2010 to serve in the war.

During a battle in Afghanistan, a grenade landed near Kyle and one of his fellow Marines. Without hesitation, Kyle sprang into action…

In a moment of incredible bravery, Kyle made a split-second decision that demonstrated his indomitable strength, but it would ultimately alter the course of his life. He threw himself onto the grenade, using his body as a shield to protect his friend.

He sacrificed his life by jumping on the grenade in order to save his fellow Marine.

As a result of the explosion, Kyle suffered devastating injuries. He was struck by shrapnel all over his body, and his skull and facial bones were shattered. In addition, he lost a part of his jaw, one of his lungs collapsed, and when he returned to Camp Bastion, he was declared P.E.A (patient expired on arrival).

Kyle underwent forty surgeries over the next two years to recover from his injuries. In recognition of his bravery, he was awarded the Purple Heart, and was also honored with the prestigious Medal of Honor, which was presented to him by President Barack Obama.

Kyle, now retired from military service, is currently pursuing a degree from the University of South Carolina.

The story of Kyle, a true American hero, can be watched in the video below: