Marie Osmond displays gown stored in garage, worn for two weddings to the same man, 38 years apart

Marie Osmond and her husband, Steve Craig, share a love story that is truly unique. Despite going through a divorce after having their son, Stephen James Craig, in 1983, they managed to find their way back to each other and remarry, keeping their love alive.

On June 26, 2023, Osmond commemorated the day of their initial marriage by sharing a beautiful picture of herself in a wedding gown. In her caption, she expressed gratitude for rediscovering each other and emphasized the depth of her love for her best friend.

Their journey began 41 years ago on June 26, 1982, when Osmond and Craig tied the knot in a grand ceremony at the Salt Lake Temple in Utah, witnessed by 4,000 guests. However, after the birth of their son, they separated and their first marriage came to an end within three years.

Now in her 60s, Osmond reflects on her happiness, attributing it in part to her weight loss. While she acknowledged that there were challenges in their relationship, she chose not to disclose the specific issues that led to their divorce.

Following their split, Osmond married her second husband, Brian Blosil, in 1986, and they had seven children together. However, after 21 years of marriage, they divorced. It was during this time that Osmond and Craig found their way back to each other, with their son playing a significant role in their reunion.

According to Osmond, it was her father, George Osmond, who inspired her to reconnect with Craig. Her father’s loving relationship with her mother, Olive Osmond, served as a guiding example for her. It taught her the importance of loyalty and not settling for less as a woman.

After reuniting, Osmond described being “in love for the first time in my life” and expressed her joy at feeling complete. They decided to remarry 38 years after their first wedding, exchanging vows in a Mormon Temple in Las Vegas in 2011. Osmond even wore her original wedding dress, which she managed to fit into after losing weight over the years.

The couple’s second wedding day held significant meaning, as it coincided with the birthdays of Osmond’s late mother and her late son. Osmond felt their presence and considered it important to honor their memory.

Now happily remarried, Osmond and Craig enjoy simple pleasures together, cherishing their time watching TV, eating popcorn, and camping. She affectionately refers to Craig as her best friend and praises his qualities as an amazing man.

In addition to their enduring love story, Osmond has embraced her role as a grandmother. Her son Stephen and his wife Claire Blosil have four children, adding to Osmond’s total of eight grandchildren. She finds immense joy in spending time with them.

As Osmond entered her 60s, she achieved weight loss success with the help of Nutrisystem. She lost 50 pounds and has maintained her weight for over 15 years. She emphasizes the importance of a healthy body, noting its positive impact on one’s vitality and overall well-being.

For Osmond, family and health are the most valuable aspects of her life. Being a grandmother brings her great happiness, and she cherishes the love and connections she shares with her loved ones.

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