Maria, aged 36, shocks people with her pregnancy which holds an unexpected surprise

Maria Nordø Jørstad is a 36-year-old woman living in Denmark who has gained a following of over 46,000 people on Instagram since she started posting pictures of her pregnancy earlier this year. The reason for her popularity? The unusual shape of her belly, which is housing triplets.

Despite the unusual shape of her stomach, Maria is proud of her body and has received a positive response from her followers over time. She told Swedish newspaper Expressen, “I’m proud of my stomach! I’m also surprised at how it can be so big without falling down. It’s amazing!”

Maria’s stomach began to take on its unique shape around week 22 of her pregnancy. While the rest of her body remained relatively unchanged, she did experience difficulties with lifting and couldn’t pick up her two-year-old son.

On Thursday morning, Maria gave birth to three healthy babies named Agnes, Filip, and Iben. Their adorable faces can be seen by visiting Maria’s Instagram page @triples_of_copenhagen.