Man’s first beer on 21st birthday bought with $10 bill from dad who passed away 6 years ago

When a person turns 21 years old, it is often seen as a significant milestone in their life, as they are officially recognized as an adult in society. For most individuals, it is a time to celebrate with their first legal drink. However, for Matt Goodman from Massachusetts, his 21st birthday was a bittersweet moment. Matt’s father had passed away when he was 15, but before his death, he left Matt a special gift to be used on his 21st birthday.

Matt’s sister, Casey, was entrusted with a $10 bill to give to Matt on his 21st birthday. The money was specifically intended to buy Matt’s first beer, a reminder that his father would always be with him in his heart, even though he couldn’t physically be present for this important moment.

Matt’s mom and sister held onto the $10 for six years until Matt was about to turn 21. When the day arrived, Casey gave Matt the money, and he knew exactly what to spend it on. Bud Light was his father’s favorite beer, and it was the drink he would have chosen for Matt. Matt shared the special moment on Twitter, and it went viral, receiving over 500,000 likes and being shared by people worldwide.

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Budweiser, the beer brand, even responded to Matt’s tweet, promising him his next drink on them. True to their word, Budweiser surprised Matt with several cases of beer.

Matt’s birthday ended up being special in more ways than one, as he also raised funds for the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute by declining the offers of money from kind-hearted strangers who wanted to buy him a drink.