Manager Kicks Mom Out of Supermarket Due to Son’s Appearance – After at Least 33 Surgeries, He Looks ‘Awesome’

After undergoing at least 33 surgeries, the woman’s son had finally achieved an “awesome” appearance, but unfortunately, not everyone accepted him. However, the mother refused to let this discrimination get in the way of her son’s happiness and well-being. She remained determined to ensure that he could lead a normal life despite the challenges they faced.

When Kara gave birth to Dylan Little, she was shocked to see that almost 80 percent of his body was covered in moles, including his back, which was completely black and bleeding.

This was not what she had expected, as all her tests, scans, and doctor’s visits during pregnancy had gone smoothly, and there had been no indication of any problems.

Kara, who works as an air traffic controller, described how her son Dylan was born with dark red birthmarks covering his face, arms, and legs. The largest mole started above his ears and extended down his shoulders, belly, and backside.

The woman from Atlanta, Georgia, described how there were hundreds of spots on Dylan’s body, varying in size from as large as half a dollar to as small as a dot from a pen.

At only five weeks old, Dylan underwent a PET scan and MRI to investigate whether he had melanoma, as his parents had already noticed skin issues at birth.

Over time, they discovered that his condition was rare and serious, with multiple melanin deposits in his brain causing seizures when he was around four months old.

The doctors advised that Dylan would need multiple surgeries to treat his condition, which he underwent extensively during his early years to prevent the dark spots from developing into fatal skin cancer.

While hoping and praying that their son’s moles would not return or turn into cancer, Dylan’s parents endured the difficult task of scheduling surgical procedures every three to six months, depending on the location of the moles that needed to be removed.

Kara expressed her deep desire for Dylan to live a long and healthy life, describing him as a brave and resilient child who always wore a bright smile, radiated strength, and won the hearts of the hospital staff who treated him.

As Dylan grew up, he began to notice that he looked different from other kids his age. Kara explained that strangers would often stare at her son in public, leaving him feeling uneasy and self-conscious.

This eventually led to a deeply upsetting incident for both mother and son. Despite feeling hurt and upset for Dylan, Kara found the strength to become his unwavering support system.

The Unpleasant Incident & Details of Dylan’s Treatment

Kara shared that whenever strangers were taken aback by her son’s appearance, Dylan would calmly distribute informational cards that explained his condition.

However, there was a distressing incident when they were asked to leave a supermarket because a customer was reportedly bothered by Dylan’s appearance. Devastated by the event, Kara vowed to fiercely advocate for her son’s happiness and well-being.

Dylan, a boy from Georgia, has been diagnosed with a rare skin condition called giant Congenital Melanocytic Nevus, which only affects one in 20,000 individuals. As he grew older, the medical team determined that more advanced and extensive procedures were necessary, including skin grafts from other areas of his body.

However, these procedures were challenging. Kara explained that expanders were inserted under Dylan’s skin and gradually filled with saline to stretch the skin. After three months, the expanders were removed, and the excess skin was used to cover the areas where the nevus had been removed.

The treatment process was similar to breast implant surgery, and after undergoing 26 surgeries, four-year-old Dylan had almost 50 percent of his moles removed from his shoulders, neck, and upper back. However, he still required additional treatment to eliminate the remaining 30 percent.

According to Mark Beckwith, CEO of Nevus Outreach, data collected by his organization shows that the likelihood of cancer is as low as 1-2 percent and no higher than 5 percent when using skin expanders to treat conditions like Dylan’s.

Despite the challenges her son has faced, Kara remains optimistic that Dylan will have a bright future and be able to lead a normal life like other children. Kara stated:

“But we’re not going to hide. I’m not afraid to take [Dylan] out at all, and I don’t want him to be worried or think there is something he should be ashamed of.”

What Dylan Looks Like Today

To help cover the costs of Dylan’s treatment, his parents began an online fundraiser. As of April 27, 2023, the campaign has raised $5,295 towards its $7,000 goal. Despite undergoing 33 surgeries by the age of nine, Dylan remains optimistic.

According to his family, he enjoys fishing, playing baseball, and spending time with his friends and loved ones. Although he continues to receive medical care for his condition, all of his surgical procedures have been successful.

Throughout his difficult journey, Kara and Nikki’s son has shown incredible strength and courage. The parents have been chronicling Dylan’s remarkable journey on Facebook, and in September 2020, they posted an important health update.

According to the post, Dylan looked happy and healthy, sporting a baseball cap and glove, with only a few spots causing him irritation. The young boy also expressed gratitude towards his supporters for their love and encouragement.

Dylan recently turned ten years old on May 24, 2022, and he has continued to stay strong over the years. A post shared on January 7, 2023, showed the youngster standing beside his older siblings and smiling. The caption read, “Hope everyone had a Happy and safe New Year. Wish you ALL the best in 2023 [sic].”

The heartwarming post received several comments, with one user wishing Dylan a Happy New Year and stating that he was looking awesome, while another mentioned following his journey from the beginning and commended his progress.

Dylan’s resilience and positive attitude are truly inspiring, and with the support of his loved ones, he is able to live his life like any other child his age. Our sincerest wishes go out to him as he continues to grow and thrive, and we hope he achieves all his aspirations and leads a joyful and fulfilling life.