Man with Down syndrome saves up for years to buy his dream custom suit, and it was worth it

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Richards Bespoke, located in Nashville, Tennessee, has an impressive reputation for crafting stylish and personalized suits that make men look exceptional. They have even dressed football superstar Patrick Mahomes.

Stephen Richards Jr., the proprietor of the suit shop, is gaining widespread attention for creating an exceptionally dapper suit for one of his customers.


One of Stephen Richards Jr.’s other customers is a man named Jon, who has Down syndrome and finds it challenging to find off-the-shelf suits that fit his body type.

However, despite this, Jon had always desired to have a custom-made suit, so he saved up his earnings from his job at a grocery store to purchase one from Richards Bespoke.

Stephen Richards Jr. shared Jon’s story on his social media channels, which was subsequently reposted by Love What Matters. In his post, Richards highlighted the difficulty that Jon encountered when searching for a suit that fit him properly:

“Meet Jon. Jon works part time at Kroger and it’s been his dream to purchase a custom suit from us ever since his father was fitted for one a few years ago. Being 48” tall and having a 42” chest, there is literally no where he can buy a suit that remotely fits.”

A big splurge

Investing in a custom suit is a significant financial commitment for anyone, and Jon’s case was no exception. It took him several years to save up enough money to afford it. However, the final product was well worth the wait, and both Jon and Stephen Richards Jr. were immensely pleased with the outcome:

“Jon has been saving up for the past year so he could finally wear something he’s comfortable in. Last week, Jon came in to pick up his suit and his reaction was one I’ll never forget. This is why I do what I do.”

We believe Jon looks incredible, and his confident stance clearly demonstrates the transformative power of clothes.

A privilege

Stephen Richards Jr. considers himself fortunate, not just because of the publicity his business is receiving or his established celebrity clientele, but also because of the overwhelmingly positive responses Jon’s exceptional new appearance has garnered.