Man, who was found in a box as a baby, fulfills his Christmas wish of finding birth family at 90

A man who was left in a box as a baby gets his one Christmas wish granted when he finally connects with his birth family. He received some well-deserved closure on a part of his life that had plagued him for years when he was 90 years old.

Jim Scott was abandoned in a box on a doorstep when he was just 12 days old. He didn’t discover his adoption until he was 21 years old and enlisted in the Naval Air Cadets in 1953.

All applicants had to provide their birth certificates as part of the application procedure, and Jim suddenly realized he had never seen his own. He obtained a copy and saw that parents was listed as “unknown.”

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A Wonderful Life Spent with His Father

James Edward Broad was the name given to Scott when he was born. His first name was chosen to honor the two police officers from Pittsburgh who brought him to the hospital after he was found in a box, and his surname was derived from the street in which he was discovered, which was called Broad Street.

Jim was adopted by Walter Scott when he was only two years old, and Walter Scott brought Jim up as if he were his own son. As a widower, he devoted his life to providing his only child with a warm and supportive home. When it came to his childhood, Jim had nothing but complimentary things to say about it:

“I loved it. I was very, very well cared for, never abused, never neglected, always cared for. It was great.”


A Life-Changing Discovery

The fact that Jim was adopted was something he did not disclose to his family until after his children had reached adulthood. This came as a surprise to their father’s four children.

His oldest daughter, Maryland Haig, suggested that her father consider using and doing DNA testing in order to locate his biological family. As soon as he admitted that it was his “Christmas wish” to finally meet them, the pieces of the puzzle began to fall into place swiftly.

In the year 2016, Maryland discovered that a barber by the name of Bob Laubham shared the same father as Jim. In the year 2021, they made the discovery that they were cousins.

By the year 2022, Maryland had located a retired school teacher by the name of Felix Zabroski who shared the same mom as Jim. She made the decision to make contact, and initially they spoke via letters and Facebook posts before moving on to phone calls.


Learning About the Family

Maryland thought it was wonderful that her father had finally met his siblings because he had always emphasized the value of family. He now fully understands the bond he shares with strangers he was previously unaware even existed.

They spoke on the phone and smiled through the tears when Bob said that Jim was, in fact, his brother. They had a particularly warm bond and many things in common, including similar nose shapes and senses of humor.

His half-brother Felix, meantime, made sure to get in touch with him as well so they could get together. 39 of his relatives were invited to a party he hosted at his house to get to know Jim and his family.


New, enduring connections

Jim’s children couldn’t help but remember the beautiful get-together where they got real embraces from their relatives. Regarding the hugs they exchanged, she stated, “You didn’t want to let it go.”  “It was like, ‘Where have you been our entire lives?’ It’s just been a wonderful relationship.”

Felix and Jim met, and he found a lot of things they had in common. He even made the joke, “You owe me 86 Christmas gifts,” at the end.

Jim is thankful that he was able to meet his siblings in this lifetime despite everything. He did not, however, discredit his great adoptive father, who provided for him in every way imaginable. When discussing it, he revealed:

“Adoptions can work. And Christmas wishes do come true.”

Happy Ending

Jim is relieved that he was able to locate 45 of his blood relatives with the help of his children, even if he was never able to meet his biological parents. Felix traveled a considerable distance from his hometown of Pittsburgh to Philadelphia a few days before Christmas 2022 to visit Jim at his house.

Everybody was beaming during the two brothers’ embraces, making it a heartwarming reunion. The whole family had a very happy Christmas, and Jim’s girls even thought that seeing their Uncle Felix again was a wonderful Christmas gift.