Man who walks two hours to work everyday receives electric bike from stranger

Upon learning that a man in Texas had to walk over two hours to and from work every day, a woman generously donated an electric bicycle to him.

Heath Nelson used to commute to work on his bike, but after it broke down, he started going there on foot on a regular basis.

“I try to do what I can to pay my bills,” Nelson said.

Rebecca Wendt said that when she saw Nelson walking by the side of the road, she felt compelled to learn more about him. The 52-year-old’s details were obtained from his job, and she contacted him to ask about his story.

“It was just like God bopped me over the head and said, ‘Find out where that man lives and what his needs are,’” Wendt said.

She then decided that she would find any way possible to gather mone to get Nelson a new bike. She informed her friends and relatives about her itention.

She said that at first she didn’t give her social media post much thought, but it immediately grabbed attention.

“Within about two hours I had over a $1,000 raised,” she said.

The Facebook post was published at the end of August. She gave Nelson a brand-new e-bike last Tuesday.

The two had never before interacted in person.

“Oh, it’s a blessing, trust me. You know, the Lord works in mysterious ways,” Nelson said.

Wendt eventually raised more money than the bike and its accessories cost, so she decided to donate the surplus to Nelson.

He stated that he would spend the extra money on a set of dentures.

“It was emotional and brought tears to my eyes. You know, I mean, what she gave me was just remarkable,” Nelson said.

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