Man who used to work as a farmer and has over 100 grandchildren celebrated his 108th birthday

A man in Illinois, Izer Tilson, who has over 100 grandchildren, recently celebrated his 108th birthday on July 4th. With 15 children of his own, Izer was blessed with an abundance of grandchildren from his offspring.

Despite his age, Izer remains optimistic and hopes to live until he reaches the age of 128. When asked about the secret to his longevity, Izer credited his strong faith in God and the Bible. He claims to feel just as strong and vibrant as he did in his twenties, which was in the 1930s.

His hometown of Rockford, Illinois, even declared July 4th as “Izer Tilson Day” in honor of his birthday. Born in Forest City, Arkansas, Izer had worked as a farmer, handyman, and businessman in his earlier days, and his fascination with colorful rags earned him the nickname “Rag Man.”

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His daughter, Gerline Tilson-Norris, credits her father’s faith, family, and friends for his long life. Despite his wife’s passing due to heart failure in 2000, Izer remains surrounded by his loving family and friends during his “final lap.”