Man who invested £12,480 to embrace canine identity asserts misconceptions about true desires

A Japanese gentleman who has dedicated a significant sum of £12,480 to undergo a transformation into a canine insists that there exists a misunderstanding among people regarding his true intentions.

Despite the prevailing perception that he might be regarded as eccentric, this individual, known as Toco while wearing the canine suit, does not genuinely aspire to adopt the lifestyle of a dog.

Making his initial splash in the headlines last year, he gained attention for his remarkably lifelike dog outfit, an occurrence that gained traction through online sharing.

In the time that has transpired since, he has maintained an ongoing connection with his audience, documenting his encounters as Toco on his YouTube channel titled ‘I want to be an animal’.

More recently, Toco acquired a dog crate for himself to sleep in and shared his experiences of strolling while donning a leash. These actions appeared to hint at a preference for the canine existence. Nevertheless, Toco has now addressed a notable discrepancy in people’s understanding of his intentions.

During a recent interview with the New York Post, Toco offered insight, stating,  “My desire to be an animal is like a desire to transform…a desire to be something that I am not.”

Toco further disclosed that he wears the dog suit approximately once a week, primarily confining these occasions to his own living space.

Expressing his surprise, the emerging online sensation remarked that he had “not anticipated such an extensive reaction” surrounding his costume and endeavors.

6-year-old conversed with Jesus while experiencing a near-death episode in the hospital
Toco is very much viral these days. Credit: YouTube/@Iwanttobeananimal

Despite occasionally adorning a dog costume within his residence, his family has refrained from being critical despite his distinct hobby.

He elaborated, “The family was surprised, but received it favourably. I am very happy that they accepted it.”

When questioned by the New York Post regarding his earnings from his YouTube channel, which has recently surpassed 50,000 subscribers, Toco opted not to disclose the information.

Undoubtedly, his journey into the spotlight came with a significant price tag, with the individually tailored costume costing him a substantial sum exceeding £12,000.

Despite facing a notable amount of criticism in the recent weeks and months, Toco remains steadfast in his commitment to his hobby, undeterred by the negative feedback.

“I love animals and enjoy play-acting like a collie,” he added.

“This is my hobby, so I will carry on. It makes me happy and other people happy, too.”

6-year-old conversed with Jesus while experiencing a near-death episode in the hospital
Toco doesn’t plan to call time on his hobby any time soon. Credit: YouTube/@Iwanttobeananimal

Subsequently, Toco garnered a mixed response from the online community after he inadvertently frightened actual dogs on the street with his remarkably lifelike attire.

In a video entitled ‘Dogs and people’s reactions to seeing a realistic dog costume’, Toco is captured taking a leisurely stroll in a park, where human onlookers are taken aback by his incredibly convincing costume and appear to be impressed by his simulated tricks.

However, the canine occupants of the park display markedly different reactions. One dog is observed showing initial curiosity towards Toco before quickly retreating and tugging at its leash, while a woman observing the scene remarks,  “He’s scared. He’s scared.”

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