Man weeps reading pregnant wife’s final note before her death, along with their unborn child

A mother in good health suffered complications while six months pregnant, leading to her tragic passing along with her unborn child. Before her death, she left behind a note containing a final request.

The COVID-19 pandemic proved to be a challenging period for countless individuals. It was a time of grief, loss, and mourning, not only for the freedoms and time that were taken away but also for the many lives that were tragically cut short by the virus.

Pregnant women were among those most affected during this difficult time, with limited consultations with their doctors and heightened precautionary measures necessary to ensure the health of their unborn babies. Tragically, many still contracted the virus despite their efforts to protect themselves.

An Unexpected Turn of Events

Jade Nascimento, a 28-year-old expectant mother from Brazil, enjoyed a trouble-free pregnancy. She and her husband, Geovanne Silva, were eagerly anticipating the arrival of their son and were overjoyed at the prospect of becoming parents.

However, life took an unexpected turn when Jade was diagnosed with COVID-19 at six months pregnant and was admitted to a maternity hospital for treatment.

Jade’s family had already been devastated by the pandemic. She had lost her mother to the virus previously, and tragically, Jade succumbed to the same fate.

All Efforts to Cure Her Failed

Despite the best efforts of medical professionals to provide Jade with appropriate care, her condition worsened, resulting in premature delivery of her baby boy, who sadly did not survive.

Despite fighting for a month, Jade eventually succumbed to severe COVID-19 complications, leaving her husband Geovanne Silva with an overwhelming sense of loss.

In just a month, he lost his beloved wife and their unborn child, and was left to mourn the loss of the two most precious people in his life.

Saying Goodbye to His Wife

Jade, who had no pre-existing health conditions, passed away from COVID-19 despite medical professionals believing she would pull through. Due to pandemic restrictions, her husband was unable to be by her side in her final days, so he turned to Facebook to write a poignant letter to his beloved wife. In the letter, he expressed their unwavering love for each other and how they were meant to be together forever.

“We were so happy. Between ups and downs, we never gave up on each other. For us, there was no coming and going because we were simply made for each other, my love,” he wrote.

In his Facebook post, the grieving husband expressed his eternal love for his wife, even though she had left this world.

“I can’t believe you’re gone. I just know that I will love you forever. I hope I played my role as a husband because, for me, you went beyond a perfect wife.”

Jade Left Her Own Farewell Message

A letter of farewell was also written by a childbirth assistant in the hospital where Jade was receiving care. She expressed the pain of losing Jade, with whom she had grown attached while providing care.

The assistant also shared that Jade had written a letter before her passing when she realized her time was coming to an end. Despite her weakened state, Jade wrote one final request on a piece of paper with wobbly handwriting for her loved ones.

“The fight is big,” Jade started her note. “Only God knows what happens. Pray for my soul,” she added.

Sometimes life takes unexpected turns, and circumstances are beyond our control.