Man survived 22-story fall during 9/11 attack, his pregnant wife’s prayers saved him

September 11, 2001, forever changed America. Pasquale Buzzelli, a structural engineer on the 64th floor of the North Tower at the World Trade Center, miraculously survived after falling 22 floors during the terrorist attacks.

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On that fateful Tuesday, Pasquale Buzzelli began his day as usual, arriving at the North Tower of the World Trade Center and pressing the elevator button for his floor. However, when the elevator unexpectedly descended to the 44th floor, he sensed trouble.

Buzzelli eventually made his way back to the 64th floor, where he reunited with 15 coworkers. They were instructed to remain on that floor to keep the stairwells clear for firefighters. Buzzelli, in a phone call to his pregnant wife Louise, learned of the catastrophic events unfolding.

Louise implored her husband to escape the building as soon as possible, offering up fervent prayers. Holding a crucifix in her hand, she spent the day anxiously pacing and beseeching for his safety.

Buzzelli and his colleagues decided to evacuate when they noticed smoke infiltrating their office. As they descended the stairwell, a disconcerting tremor shook them when they reached the 22nd floor. In that terrifying moment, Buzzelli huddled in a corner, tightly curled into a ball, and offered prayers for his family.

Then, the inconceivable occurred: he sensed the wall collapsing around him and began to plummet. “I felt the walls next to me crack and buckle on top of me,” Buzzelli recounted. Hours later, he awoke on a heap of debris, miraculously alive.

Firefighters who reached Buzzelli were astounded to discover him alive amid the wreckage. Michael Morabito, one of the rescuers, was convinced that it was more than mere luck that had saved him: “It’s gotta be a miracle,” he said. “Someone was watching over him. He needed to make it home.”

Pasquale did indeed make it home that night, miraculously escaping with only a fractured foot despite his harrowing ordeal. Although he grappled with emotional trauma and survivor’s guilt for some time, he eventually found a way to reconcile his life’s new purpose: to live fully and honor those who didn’t have the same chance.

VIDEO: Firefighter Reflects on Discovering Pasquale Buzzelli Amidst 9/11 Terror Attacks

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