Man showed up for a job interview, and BBC mistakenly put him on live TV as an expert

We’ve all been there, anxiously awaiting an important job interview while hoping not to sweat through our best clothing. There is perhaps no more stressful job interview than the one Guy Goma endured in 2006 for the BBC, when he was misidentified as an expert for a news segment. The intended interviewee for the news piece was Guy Kewney, a legitimate music industry specialist. Goma, though, took a big breath and responded to the newscaster as cameras rolled and questions were posed.

After realizing that he was about to be asked a question on live television and had no idea what it was, Goma can be seen in the tape presumably considering how he may gracefully depart the situation. Once he committed to participating in the expert interview, however, he performed quite well. While anxiously attempting to control his breathing, he was able to explain the interviewer that he believed more people will download music online and that the procedure would get faster. He was correct, even if he did not realize it at the time.

After the on-air gaffe and subsequent rescue by Goma, it’s odd that he didn’t get the job he applied for, given he was obviously ideal for the role he desired. I’m very certain they dropped the ball there, but it would be interesting to know what happened to the fake expert with quick wits.

Unfortunately, there are no subsequent updates regarding Guy Goma’s whereabouts after his brief and random appearance on television, but he will forever be a part of television history. Below is Goma’s WTF reaction when he understands what’s happening.