Man shares weekly meals with homeless woman until one day she tells him about her struggles

During his daily commute to work in Orlando, Florida, Greg Smith encountered a homeless woman whose presence left a lasting impression. Amid the backdrop of homeless individuals seeking money, this woman, unlike others, didn’t ask for assistance; she simply wished him a good day.

“She never failed to put a smile on my face, and I ended up having a better day because of her cheerful greeting from the morning,” shared Smith, reflecting on the impact of her simple gesture.

As a personal trainer and businessman, Smith’s travels around town exposed him to various individuals. A fortuitous turn of events – a canceled meeting – granted him an opportunity to invite the woman to lunch. The woman, known as Amy Joe and in her late 40s, eventually agreed, recognizing a meal was a privilege she couldn’t decline.

Their initial lunch led to a weekly tradition. Smith and Joe spent 30 minutes to an hour together every Tuesday, gradually forging a connection. Joe’s resilience and positivity, despite her circumstances, served as a wellspring of inspiration for Smith.

As their friendship deepened, Smith learned that Joe harbored an unfulfilled desire: learning how to read. With spare change she collected, she rented books in an effort to acquire this fundamental skill and seek employment.

Artist crafts mesmerizing portraits using nothing but pebbles

Struck by Joe’s commitment, Smith immediately vowed to help her realize this aspiration. He discovered he possessed a copy of “Beyond Belief” by Josh Hamilton in his car, a book about finding strength during challenging times. Through the newly formed “Amy Joe Foundation,” Smith initiated lessons using this book, imbuing their pursuit with a sense of purpose.

Smith found Joe was not entirely illiterate; rather, she struggled with comprehension and sentence meaning. Beyond literacy, Smith extended his support further by organizing a fundraiser to aid Joe in transitioning off the streets. The fundraiser generated over $10,000, enabling Smith to secure a temporary hotel stay for Joe while working toward a more permanent housing solution. With determination, Smith assisted Joe in obtaining a legal ID, a pivotal step toward attaining permanent residency.

The “Amy Joe Foundation” symbolized Smith’s commitment to not only teaching reading but also addressing fundamental needs to uplift spirits. His altruism emerged from a genuine desire to effect change in Joe’s life, without seeking personal recognition.

“Who is your Amy Joe?” Smith inquired online, aiming to encourage others to lend assistance and instigate a movement to enhance lives. Through his compassionate actions, Smith underscored the power of an individual to ignite positive transformations in the lives of those they encounter.

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