Man shares ‘husbands in training curriculum’ that his mother used to teach her sons

Doug Weaver shared on TikTok a program called “Husbands in Training” that his mother used to train her sons to become better men. The curriculum was strict and consisted of various components, including consent, respect towards women, and the basic traits of being a decent human being. Weaver mentioned that upon completing the program, his mother awarded them certificates of completion that were given to them on their wedding days. These teachings started when he and his brothers were young and have stayed with him even as an adult, according to a report from

Weaver and his brothers were enrolled in the “husbands in training” program when they were too young to even consider marriage. However, the lessons that his mother taught them have stayed with him throughout his life. He believes that his mother’s training has played a significant role in his marriage and in how he raises his own children. He plans to teach his children a similar curriculum, so they can also be prepared to face life’s challenges. Weaver’s TikTok video emphasizes the value of the curriculum, stating that it contained many essential lessons.

“There were things like what to do if your spouse says something and the information they give is wrong,” Weaver explains. “How to handle it if they say something wrong in public versus in private, when it is appropriate to correct them and when it isn’t. We talked about consent, we talked about the basics of respecting and honoring women and listening to women and all of the things that really just make you a decent human being.” During his high school years, Weaver’s father also joined the program as he had never learned some of the lessons that Weaver’s mother was teaching her sons.

Weaver adds that although there are certain parts of the curriculum that should remain private, such as the porn quiz, there are other aspects that he plans to teach his own son. He believes that it’s important to raise his child with an understanding of consent, and that it’s necessary to seek consent throughout one’s life, even in marriage. He also plans to teach his son how to recognize when women are in danger and how to intervene appropriately. Additionally, Weaver wants to teach his child healthy conflict resolution and how to express emotions in a constructive way. Finally, he wants to teach his son how to respond appropriately when someone else expresses their emotions.

Weaver’s mother’s commitment to their training even extended to their wedding day, where she handed each of her sons a certificate of completion from the “husbands in training” program. Weaver’s wife and his brothers’ wives have all appreciated the positive impact that the program has had on their relationships. “It was a lot of introspection, skills assessment [and] personality typing, which would lead to discussions about so many other topics,” Weaver explained in an interview with BuzzFeed. “She wanted us to know how to be in a healthy long-term relationship, and in the meantime, we could practice treating every woman we meet with respect, starting with her. We weren’t only expected to learn it, we had to show her that we knew it.” Weaver also plans to teach a similar curriculum to his own son so that he can be equally prepared for life’s challenges.

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