Man raises abandoned newborn as own despite DNA test results

A man was left surprised when his girlfriend left a newborn baby at his doorstep, claiming she needed to go to the grocery store and never returned. He took a DNA test to confirm if he was the baby’s father.

Moisés Costa of Goiana, Brazil welcomed his girlfriend, who arrived at his doorstep carrying an infant. Unaware of what was to come, Costa invited them inside, thinking it was just a regular visit.

Costa’s girlfriend asked him to babysit while she went grocery shopping, but she never returned, leaving Costa to care for the child indefinitely.

Abandoned by His Mother

Costa realized his girlfriend had left her newborn son and had no intention of returning. He had learned of her pregnancy at five months, and though she claimed he was the biological father, he had doubts.

She Never Looked Back

Costa’s girlfriend lived in a different area of Goiana and had contacted him when she was five months pregnant. One day, when the child was only a few months old, she left him with Costa, claiming she needed to go shopping.

Despite assurances from his mother, the girlfriend never returned for the child. To put an end to any doubts and uncertainties, Costa took a DNA test to confirm if he was indeed the baby’s father.

He Chose to Stay

Costa’s girlfriend’s claim that he was the baby’s father was dispelled after the DNA test proved negative. This left Costa with a choice: to either abandon the child or take responsibility and care for him.

He chose the latter, and despite the difficulties of raising a child not his own, Costa remained committed to his new role as a father to Davyd Cesario Silva.

The Baby Suffered Health Scares

Baby Silva’s health took a turn for the worse after his birth mom abandoned him, causing him to have seizures and other health problems that required immediate hospitalization, according to Costa.

However, in order to receive the necessary medical treatment, civil registration was required, and Costa’s mother and stepfather stepped up to help. Costa credits their quick thinking and kindness with saving Silva’s life.

Connected by Heart

As time went by, Costa realized that Silva had unique needs that demanded constant care and attention. Silva suffered from cerebral palsy, epilepsy, and atrophy in his limbs, and his mental and cognitive faculties were similar to that of a child.

Despite having no biological relation, Costa formed a deep emotional bond with Silva and called him his son and best friend, vowing to do everything to take care of him.

She Never Wanted to Stay

Ever since Silva was left in Costa’s care as an infant, he became an integral part of Costa’s life. With the help of Silva’s mother, María José, Costa was able to give the child the love and attention he needed.

Though his former girlfriend visited Silva a few times, she never expressed any intention of keeping him, and Costa knew she wouldn’t be a constant presence in the child’s life, especially given his health problems.

The Foster Dad’s Predicament

At 52, Costa and his 72-year-old mom had no intention of abandoning Silva, who’s now 25. However, they were concerned about the mounting expenses for his medical care, transportation, and health insurance, as Silva’s needs continued to increase.

Costa said that Silva is the love of his life, and he could never desert him. Nevertheless, he acknowledged that he required financial assistance to provide the best possible care for his son.

He hoped to locate Silva’s biological father or other relatives to help him meet Silva’s needs and ensure that he isn’t alone in the event of an emergency. Costa’s affection for his son is a touching example of a father’s love.