Man pushes his dying dog in a wheelbarrow on one final hike

Age might make it more difficult for pets to move around. Mobility issues for senior dogs can arise from aging and illnesses.

But it’s also the time when you want to make your pet’s days especially memorable since you know they might not have much longer. You want to take them on adventures and create memories with them while they still have the chance. And other owners come up with unique techniques to make their elderly canines get around.

Like one man who came up with a really creative method to take his dying dog on one last wonderful journey.

Everywhere Carlos Fresco went, Monty, his 10-year-old Labradoodle, would accompany him. He would go on many walks and hikes with the dog. But when Monty was given a leukemia diagnosis, he realized the dog’s days were numbered.

Carlos told SWNS, “I knew Monty was dying as his cancer had returned. He was diagnosed 18 months ago and responded very well to chemotherapy. But unfortunately his leukemia returned eight weeks ago and he declined very rapidly.”

However, Carlos was still determined to take Monty on one last exciting excursion, so he took him to one of their favorite hiking locations, the Pen y Fan in the Welsh Brecon Beacons.

Although Monty was accustomed to hiking, his deteriorating health made it more difficult for him to move around. Carlos was concerned that his dog might be unable to  reach the top.

So he came up with a solution. He assisted his friend in climbing the hill… by pushing him in a wheelbarrow.

They accomplished the ascent of the hill together. The wheelbarrow caught the attention of quite a few of the other trekkers. Carlos claims that a lot of people “shed a tear” and expressed pity when they learnt about Monty’s predicament. Some even offered to help push him up the hill.

Carlos said SWNS: “That little guy touched so many lives. Made everyone he came into contact with smile and just take a moment to reflect how sometimes life’s not that bad.”

He further says that Monty enjoyed the commotion and attention that was paid to him during his journey.

The trip ended up being the canine’s last, as Monty passed away on June 21.

Carlos was without a doubt heartbroken over the loss of his dog; yet, he was appreciative of the incredible journey that was their last adventure together and thanked everyone who was inspired by his story and expressed sorrow for him.

“He was truly a special boy. God bless and goodnight little fella.”

Monty, may you finally rest in peace. We are overjoyed that you were able to embark on one more journey with your devoted owner.