Man orders phone online, gets mailed grenade, quips about it “blowing up my phone”

“Was his phone blowing up?”

A man in Mexico had an astonishing experience when he ordered a smartphone but instead received a bomb in the mail, leaving him dumbfounded.

According to local media reports, the unnamed customer had placed an order for a communication device from an online store to be delivered to his residence in León, Guanajuato. When the package arrived last Monday, his mother brought it inside and placed it on the kitchen table, unaware of the shocking contents, as reported by Jam Press.

Disabled mom writes touching note after son carries her to flight seat

To his dismay, what he thought was a smartphone turned out to be a dangerous surprise: upon opening the parcel, he discovered a fragmentation grenade, with images of the explosive device quickly circulating online.

Alarmed by this potentially life-threatening mix-up, the man promptly contacted the authorities, leading to the dispatch of a bomb squad to his location. Simultaneously, officials from the Ministry of National Defense cordoned off the man’s residence.

Disabled mom writes touching note after son carries her to flight seat

Fortunately, the army successfully deactivated the dangerous device, and an investigation is currently underway to determine the source of this ominous package, reminiscent of the infamous Unabomber.

The identity of the sender remains unclear, and it’s worth noting that owning such a grenade is illegal in Mexico.

Regrettably, the discovery of illicit explosives is not uncommon in Central Mexico, where drug cartels employ roadside bombs in their ongoing territorial disputes. Over the past six years, law enforcement has seized more than 600 improvised explosive devices in Guanajuato alone.

In a bizarre and unrelated incident in 2022, an elderly Frenchman made headlines for an explosive surprise of his own. He arrived at a hospital with a World War I artillery shell lodged in his rectum, leading to a large-scale evacuation.

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