Man married woman with Down Syndrome and wants to have child with her

The internet recently shared a heartwarming tale about a man with autism who tied the knot with a woman having Down syndrome. However, not everyone was pleased with the news, as some online commenters disapproved of the couple’s desire to start a family and expressed criticism towards them.

Jason, who has been diagnosed with autism, ADD, and bipolar disorder, found happiness in the smallest things of life. Despite his challenges, he continued to live his life to the fullest and eventually met Chloe, who is now his wife and soulmate.

Chloe was born with Down syndrome, but that didn’t deter her from finding the perfect life partner who complements her like two pieces of a puzzle. Their heartwarming love story showcases the power of love beyond limitations. However, some individuals on the internet attempted to disparage the couple by posting hurtful remarks.

The man believes that his wife is the most gorgeous woman.

Upon laying his eyes on Chloe, Jason was captivated by her beauty. He had never seen anyone as stunning as her, and it almost felt surreal. He reminisced:

“I thought she was like drop-dead gorgeous.”

In their interview with Special Books by Special Kids, the charming couple couldn’t stop showering each other with compliments. Their words showcased their unbreakable bond, where their love for each other was the only thing that mattered.

Their First Meeting

While explaining his shyness on the day he met Chloe, Jason said, “I used to not know how to talk to girls.” He further revealed that his nervousness prevented him from expressing his feelings towards her.

Consequently, Jason requested his best friend to speak to Chloe on his behalf and propose to her to be his girlfriend. Little did he anticipate that the girl he adored would eventually become his life partner.

They Did a Love Test

Prior to disclosing his proposal to his wife, Jason disclosed that they had put their love to the test, which helped to reinforce their connection. They placed their hands on each other’s hearts and sensed their heartbeats as a symbol of their profound love.

Jason disclosed, “It’s beating fast, but it’s beating at the same pace,” while describing their heartbeats. This is how the exceptional couple passed their love test.

The Most Adorable Proposal

While reminiscing about the time when Jason proposed to his wife, he admitted feeling both nervous and thrilled. However, that wasn’t all; he had planned to charm Chloe with something extraordinary.

While being interviewed, Chloe displayed her ring to the camera and recounted how Jason had gone down on one knee and presented the ring box to her. In the meantime, Jason disclosed that he had composed a song specifically for Chloe and serenaded her with it, admitting:

“I wanted to pour out my heart to her to let her know how much I loved her.”

They Love Each Other Unconditionally

The love that exists between the couple is boundless and unconditional, devoid of any limitations or prerequisites. While expressing his affection for Chloe and picturing a future of growing old together, Jason stated:

“I hope I die in bed with her, in my sleep. And hold hands. That is how I wish to go out.”

At the same time, Chloe sat next to her husband and expressed how much she deeply adored him. She was moved to tears while witnessing the immense love he had for her. “He’s so crazy about me,” she stated.

They Plan to Have a Baby

Chloe disclosed her desire to have a baby but believed it would be best to postpone their plans for a while. In the meantime, the couple fulfills their aspirations by keeping a doll named “Giselle” with them, treating her as if she were a genuine infant.

The presence of Giselle in their lives provides the couple with a glimpse of what it would be like to have a child. Jason acknowledged that they experience a sense of melancholy without a child, but they remain resolute about having one in the future.

The couple’s aspirations to have a baby became a topic of controversy online. While some people criticized them for their desire to have a child, others expressed their support.

One Facebook user wrote, “They are a lovely couple, and I hope they have a long and happy marriage. However, if it were my son or daughter, I would try and talk them into getting a puppy to love and look after rather than a child.”

A second added, “I think they are a nice couple. But they shouldn’t be thinking of bringing children into the world.” Here’s what the others said:

“Sorry, but I don’t think they should have their own children.”

― (@Courtney B Oktyabrsky) December 18, 2021

Our best wishes go out to the couple as they embark on their journey together, and we hope that their love for each other continues to thrive without conditions. Their exceptional connection undoubtedly ensures their enduring companionship for many years to come.