Man gives up career to care wife with vegetative state for years, showing exemplary love

The lives of a loving couple were forever altered when Bruna suffered an unexpected seizure one evening while they were watching television. The three-minute seizure caused her heart to stop and deprived her brain of oxygen. When David saw her again, she was a completely different person.

Marriage is a promise of unconditional love and support, both in sickness and in health. Two individuals create a new family and vow to be there for each other no matter what challenges they may face. However, nobody anticipates facing illness or emergencies early in their marriage.

Caring for a loved one in need is a difficult task, and many individuals struggle to keep their promises when life takes an unexpected turn. It can be devastating, but unfortunately, it is a harsh reality that couples often overlook when they say their vows.

It’s remarkable that David César and Bruna de Sousa, a married couple from Brazil, didn’t experience the same fate as others. Although their lives have been greatly affected, David remains optimistic about Bruna’s recovery and is committed to standing by her until the end. Could this be a demonstration of genuine love?

The Event That Changed Everything

Back in 2019, David César and Bruna de Sousa were at their residence in Maracanaú, Brazil, watching television when Bruna experienced a sudden cardiac arrest and began to have a seizure. Following that incident, César made the decision to devote himself completely to her care, never leaving her side. Nevertheless, this choice brought about various consequences.

Soon after, he lost his job because of his frequent absences, and he found it impossible to cover the medical expenses and their day-to-day living costs. As a result, César decided to share their story with the world, hoping to raise funds that could assist in De Sousa’s treatment and improve her quality of life.

People often come across touching stories from different parts of the world, where love and friendship have overcome insurmountable obstacles, inspiring others to provide financial assistance. Nonetheless, what truly captivated readers and caused the story to go viral was César’s unwavering commitment to his wife.

After her heart ceased beating, Bruna’s brain did not receive enough oxygen, leading to significant damage, despite her being revived.

César recounted to Razões para Acreditar, “In a matter of 3 minutes, she lost all vital signs. We ran to the hospital, and after 25 minutes, they managed to revive her, but she’d been without oxygen for a long time.”

César explained that his wife’s cardiac arrest caused trauma that didn’t impact her nervous system, but it left her unable to move or comprehend her surroundings. Regrettably, she continues to experience lasting effects from the arrest and remains in a vegetative state, requiring tube feeding to stay alive.

Despite the challenges they face, her devoted husband never left her side, holding onto the hope that his wife would eventually recover or have some improvement in her quality of life. After their inspiring story garnered attention, he created an Instagram account to share updates on their journey and Bruna’s progress.

On June 29, 2021, César shared a touching post on his Instagram account. The post featured a photo of him embracing his wife on their bed, accompanied by the following caption:

“Unidos eternamente (United forever).”

Presently, their Instagram account boasts over 200,000 followers, and their heartwarming photos never fail to touch people’s hearts across the globe. One of their videos captures Bruna undergoing physical therapy for her fingers, prompting aline_isaidel to write:

“Um amor exemplar 💓! (An exemplary love!).”

Their Lives Afterward

For nearly two years, Bruna de Sousa was hospitalized, with her husband as her constant companion. However, following César’s loss of full-time employment, they struggled to cover their living costs, let alone the specialized care that Bruna required.

As a result, he initiated a crowdfunding campaign and managed to amass $28,000. However, de Sousa’s monthly expenditures are on the increase, and his work as a driver in Maracanaúa is inadequate. In his discussion with Razões para Acreditar, César further elaborated.

“We haven’t achieved her retirement yet. But two volunteer lawyers are helping us. We are living on donations.”

Nonetheless, there is a glimmer of hope in their tale. Following a prolonged wait, César came across a Canadian medication with the assistance of de Sousa’s neurologists. While his wife would require physical therapy for three years in addition to taking the medication, the treatment’s price amounts to roughly $19,000.

Fortunately, their story went viral and led to the creation of several donation pages, including VOOA, through which they raised more funds than they required. On Instagram, spectators and other potential donors can stay up to date with de Sousa’s health status and express their affection and well wishes for the couple.

César strives to depict his wife in a positive light and inspire anyone who tracks their progress. On an October 1, 2022 post, he shared a snapshot of de Sousa looking stylish sporting a pair of sunglasses in their garden. He wrote, “Minha princesa no banho de sol ☀️🤎 (My princess sunbathing).”

Regrettably, de Sousa is unable to reciprocate his affection, but it is hoped that she senses her husband’s support and devotion. With advances in medicine and technology, there is a possibility of improving the quality of life for her and others in similar circumstances.

César stood by Bruna de Sousa’s side through her struggles and financial difficulties, and continues to do so. Their story is a testament to the existence of true love, as it’s rare to see someone fulfill their wedding vows to such an extent.

David César is frequently praised on Instagram for his unwavering dedication to his wife. In a compilation video posted on May 4, 2023, user andersonrfreireofficial commented, “I believe in this love, and this made me cry and motivated.”