Man gets a touching tattoo to give his kid confidence, making him the title of ‘Dad of the Year’

Parents frequently go to considerable efforts in order to provide their children with a sense of peace and security. They are willing to give up a lot of things during the course of their lives in order to make things simpler and more comfortable for their offspring.

In addition, they frequently do not ask for anything in return because it is sufficient to fulfill them to see a grin on the face of their child. An Irish father is gaining widespread praise for the extraordinarily selfless act he recently carried out for the benefit of his son.

A video that was uploaded to Reddit by user u/abbiebe89 shows a father sitting across from his son who has cochlear implants.   Because he is aware that his son may have feelings of self-consciousness and insecurity as a result of his implants, he made the decision to do something remarkable and audacious. The title of the video that was uploaded to r/MadeMeSmile is  “Father of the year award goes to…”

Screenshot: Reddit

Because of his son’s impairment, he wanted to ensure that his son would never feel isolated or unwelcome, so he tattooed an image of an implant on his own ear. The video shows the moment when the father tells his son about the tattoo, and the reaction of the son is the kind of thing that might melt anyone’s heart. The text that is overlaid on the video reads as follows:  “Irish dad gets tattoo of cochlear plant for his son.”

As he looks at the tattoo, he has a broad smile on his face and appears to be trying to figure out what it means. At the very end of the film, the father pulls him into an embrace to further reassure him, and the tattoo is zoomed in on and presented in great detail throughout the entirety of the clip. This small kid will always be thankful to his father for giving him a little bit of self-assurance, even if he doesn’t realize it now, because as he gets older, he will realize how much his father has done for him. Reddit users were moved by this kind act, and one user commented on the experience “That’s a great dad right there! That man doesn’t care if anyone thinks it looks bad, because he didn’t do it for them…. He did it because he loves his son.”

After their daughter underwent three open-heart surgeries, one girl’s parents decided to commemorate the ordeal by getting tattoos that resembled the scars left by the surgeries. The now 4-year-old girl had multiple heart procedures before she turned one since she was born with a congenital cardiac abnormality. The scars have remained, and Everly has continued to ask inquiries about them despite the fact that they look to be upsetting to her. When she undergoes additional heart surgery, her scars will need to be operated on again. Because of this, her family jokes that the scar on her chest looks like a zipper that the doctors have to open and close in order to fix her heart.

Because it made her feel different, Matt Backe decided to get a tattoo of her scar on his arm.  He added, “I heard Evie make mention the zipper, just asking more questions than usual. My thought was if I could get something that was a replica of it, we could be zipper buddies and she would not have that feeling of being alone.”