Man from Texas sees what appears to be like an angel in the cloud

How often have you glanced up into the sky and seen a form that is recognizable to you? Perhaps the clouds looked like the sea, or maybe they were shaped like a dog.

Cats, birds, and terrifying creatures are all things that are possible to see if you have a really active imagination.

There are occasions when the sign that you are looking for is not the one that you anticipate seeing.

When Danny Ferraro and his wife Carmen were driving on Highway 105 outside of Montgomery, Texas, they looked up into the sky and saw something that caused them to pause for a moment and think about what they had just seen.

Danny Ferraro / Facebook

The silhouette of an angel could be seen in the clouds as the sun began to rise and cast its light upon them. Even the halo looked like it was in the correct position.

Almost immediately, Danny took a picture of the clouds with his phone and uploaded it to Facebook, where it astonished a lot of people. He gave it the moniker “Texas Angel.”

“On Monday evening we were heading to deal with more (family) issues and really dreading it. As we turned west on Highway 105 in Montgomery, I immediately noticed the cloud formatin and the brilliant rays of sun straight ahead of us, and I told Carmen, ‘Wow, look at that!’…”

Danny said NBC: “It lasted for just a few moments, but I grabbed my phone and the first picture I took was spectacular.”

Danny Ferraro and his wife / Facebook

Danny thought that this cloud formation was a message.

The breathtaking photograph gave the impression that God was communicating with him and his wife, which is particularly significant given that the couple considers themselves to be Christians.

But regardless of what you believe in, this picture demonstrates that life is a spectacular ride, and if we’re lucky enough, occasionally we can even feel the lovely angel rays on our faces like they do!

Wow! What a breathtaking panorama to take in. I believe that it was meant to be a sign.