Man films his sick mother making him ‘one last meal’ before she dies: ‘I couldn’t stop crying’

The love of a parent can often be best shown to a child through the preparation of a hearty meal at home. This is demonstrated in a video in which a Chinese guy films his cancer-stricken mother cooking the family’s last meal together. The video was uploaded to Douyin one week ago by a man named Deng from Dalian, which is located in the northeast of China.

The video that has now gone viral shows his mother, who is bald and is clothed in pajamas, working hard in the kitchen. According to South China Morning Post, the song “Farewell” from traditional Chinese folk music is playing in the background of the video, and Deng captioned the video, “Mom, rest in peace. Nothing will defeat me anymore.”

Deng, who was in his twenties at the time of the video’s recording, shot it not long before his mother passed away earlier this month. According to Deng, his mother was the epitome of a strong and self-sufficient lady. It was said that she was diagnosed with cancer in February, but she did not disclose this information to her family out of fear that they would worry about her. Deng was the only one who was permitted to accompany her during her treatment for cancer.

Deng revealed that his mother went through three rounds of chemotherapy, but despite how painful the process was, she never once expressed her discomfort. He reported that several days after his mother’s third session of chemotherapy, she unexpectedly asked him what cuisine he wanted for dinner. Den recalled: “She asked me to go to the market with her. We bought kelp, potatoes, and meat. After returning home, she went to the kitchen to cook.”

He told that he was seated in the living room while she was preparing food in the kitchen. He was so overcome with emotion that he couldn’t hold back his tears. “She was already very feeble, but she still cooked for me. She was gasping for breath and took a rest for a long time after cooking.” 

The video received over one thousand upvotes on the subreddit r/MadeMeSmile on Reddit. “Perhaps my mother knew that I am a vlogger and this video is the last present she gave me,” Deng said, referring to the eighty thousand likes and the lovely comments that the video has received online.

Many netizens expressed their emotions after watching this clip.