Man drives 4000 miles to spell out “marry me” on Google Earth, and that’s about as romantic as it gets

He finished his drawing after six months and 4,451 miles.

Wedding proposals are extremely special for a couple because it is a memory they will cherish for the rest of their lives. Knowing this, Yasushi “Yassan” Takahashi decided to go on a six-month journey across Japan while using Google Earth to track his route and spell out “Marry Me” with a heart over the country’s map.

Yassan came up with the idea of proposing to his girlfriend, Natsuki, using GPS art in 2008. GPS art, according to Google, is “the act of creating a large-scale digital drawing by traveling with a GPS device along a predetermined route. When the route is uploaded to a mapping tool like Google Earth, a form takes shape.”

Yassan devised a route across Japan that would spell “Marry Me,” quit his job, and set off from Hokkaido to the shores of Kagoshima. The drawing for the grand proposal took him six months and 4,451 miles to complete. Finally, in what was possibly one of the most meticulously planned proposals of all time, he presented Natsuki with his completed trip on Google Earth. Yassan’s drawing also set a Guinness World Record for the largest GPS drawing ever created. In case you were wondering, Natsuki replied, “Yes.”

Yassan began doing GPS drawings all over the world after the success of his proposal. According to his website: “He is a professional GPS artist with more than 1400 artworks. Drawn more than 100000 kilometers in 24 countries.”

When it comes to Google Maps, a dog named Watermelon is a local landmark. According to Bored Panda, the street dog that lives on Amagleba Street in Tbilisi, Georgia, has positive reviews on Google and her fans love to feed her. Watermelon was named after her spherical shape, and she wears a blue tag on her ear to indicate that she is a stray who is not dangerous to others.

Watermelon is well-known on the internet, and many people keep track of her. According to @Sve tt on Twitter, “It’s a girl! She was fed by her grandmother who lives above the vegetable soup shop during the lockdown. The lady has built her a house out of boxes where the dog currently lives.” Another user was surprised to learn that the “spherical dog” he encounters on a daily basis is a “local attraction.” “There are even reviews in Google maps,” he wrote, surprised.

On Google, there are 60 reviews for the dog, with the majority of people calling her a “sweet bun.” @catchshirrecat, a Twitter user, even went out of his way to feed the dog, purchasing a can of food and encouraging others to do the same. He stated,”This is a sweet bun and you can still buy food for her and give it to the store near which it lies. They try to feed the bun only with certain foods because she’s old and sick.”

With the dog’s growing popularity, more and more people are beginning to take care of her, and she may soon find a home.