Man built his dog a massive cabin in the backyard to show her how much he adores her

What comes to mind when you think of a dog house?
We imagine you’re looking at a small house with an arched door and window and a simple roofing system.

We wouldn’t blame you if that’s your idea of a dog house. After all, Snoopy lived that way. However, not all dog houses are the same. Some have a window, a deck, and a flight of stairs.

Maya is a border collie that belongs to a construction worker.
Her father is David Connolly of Fencing Decking Specialists NI. Connolly stated on their Facebook page that their company specializes in building fences and decks for commercial and private properties.

They also provide other services, but their main focus is on outdoor spaces such as planters, carports, sheds, and gazebos.

Connolly decided to do something special for his dog with his skill set.
Remember the dog house we suggested you visualize? We’re afraid that’s about to be put to shame.

Connolly noticed that Maya preferred to spend her time outside in the sun. He even brings her to his job sites when he can, which Maya seems to enjoy.

Maya usually spends her days at home relaxing in the backyard. Connolly built her a dog house or, on a larger scale, a dog cabin to make her stay much more comfortable.

The dog cabin is a testament to Connolly’s abilities.
The small fenced area surrounding the cabin is the first thing you’ll notice. The picket fence also includes side planters and a red mailbox, allowing you to stay in touch with Maya while she’s out and about.

Your gaze will then be drawn to the stairs leading up to Maya’s balcony. Yes, her dog cabin includes a vantage point from which she can survey the property.

The roof also extends over the balcony, allowing her to be outside while remaining cool. On colder days, she can stay inside and look out her window.

Connolly also listed Maya’s cabin’s amenities.
He stated that Maya’s home has an insulated floor, a nightlight for those cozy evenings, and a small heater for when winter arrives.

Connolly also stated that he purposefully raised the cabin. He claims that it will allow her to see over the top of the fence at passing cars even if she is inside the cabin or on the balcony.

Even with the luxurious dog apartment, it isn’t Maya’s favorite spot.

Maya, according to Connolly, prefers to stay by his side and inside their home when he gets home from work.
She only uses her cabin when he is not present. Connolly explained that it is his way of expressing his gratitude for all of Maya’s love.

“Maya is my best friend,” he said to The Dodo. “She is a loyal companion and I am trying my best to make her life as enjoyable and comfortable for her as I possibly can. Building her a comfortable little home is the least I could do.”

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