Man bravely endangers his life to rescue a stranded sheep that got trapped on a cliff

In a daring act of bravery, a man put his life on the line to save a stranded sheep perched precariously on a cliff edge as the tide rose along the coast of Woolacombe in Devon. Chris Oxlade-Arnott and his wife Jilly stumbled upon the distressing scene while capturing scenic photographs, their attention drawn to the helpless creature in the backdrop.

Recalling the moment, Jilly shared, “I was taking scenic photos and spotted this sheep stranded on this rock. It was glaring up at us like it was saying ‘help’. If we left it, it would die. We couldn’t walk away. We couldn’t live with the what if.”

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Chris further explained, “It didn’t look like anyone else was going to assist or had even spotted her.” Fueled by this sense of urgency, the couple embarked on a daring rescue mission for the sheep.

Given Chris’s experience in rock climbing, he assumed the responsibility of reaching the stranded animal. However, navigating the treacherous terrain proved to be a formidable challenge even for him. “The rocks were jagged and very pointed, with steep edges and limited footholds, which were really nasty especially when wet,” he recounted. Despite the difficulties, fortune smiled upon them as the sheep’s exhaustion worked in their favor.

With Jilly’s guiding presence from the cliff top, Chris managed to approach the sheep. But the rescue wasn’t without its hurdles; the animal grew even more agitated upon their approach. “Initially it was panicking and moving towards the water so Chris grabbed it and reassured it,” Jilly explained. After a careful and determined effort, Chris successfully hoisted the 50-kilo sheep onto his shoulder and navigated the hazardous rocks to safety.

Oil tanker and a cruise ship carrying thousands collide, resulting in injuries to the passengers

The entire rescue operation took about 30 minutes, culminating in a heartwarming scene of bystanders cheering and applauding the valiant rescue mission. Observers were left in awe of the courage displayed by Chris and Jilly.

Upon reaching safety, the sheep exhibited signs of distress and hunger. After a brief rest to catch her breath, the sheep eagerly indulged in some nourishing grass. Reflecting on their decision to intervene, Jilly shared, “It’s do you or don’t you, and whether you take the risk. But we decided we just couldn’t leave it there to die.”

Chris echoed her sentiments, stating, “I don’t like to see animals in pain or distress. Especially if I can help.” This act of compassion and bravery serves as a testament to the enduring connection between humans and the animal kingdom.

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