Man begs for assistance after losing his father’s ashes in Tesco bag during nine-hour pub crawl

After what was supposed to be “one last trip to the beach” turned into a nine-hour pub crawl, a man has requested aid in locating his father’s ashes, which he placed in a Tesco bag for life.

The 39-year-old Stan Blade intended to post a TikTok video of himself visiting Southend, Essex’s amusement park while carrying Stephen Jewitt’s ashes as a final farewell.

However, instead of carrying out his plan to take his father’s ashes to the dodgems on Southend Pier, he ran into a group of old friends and ended up on a nine-hour pub crawl in his hometown.

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Source: The Independent

At some point during the craw, Mr. Blade lost track of the shopping bag that held a wooden casket containing the ashes of his 60-year-old father.

It was not until he reached home shortly after midnight on March 18th that he realized his error.

He admitted his error to his angry stepmother, Emma Hopkins, who had warned him beforehand that he was not allowed to take the ashes out of her home.

Musician Mr Blade said: “I came home, and my step mum asked ‘where is your dad?’ She was not pleased with me at all, and I do not blame her.”

In addition, he stated that his father had a great sense of humor and would have thoroughly enjoyed the notion of him riding a roller coaster with his ashes beside him.

As he hadn’t been to his hometown in some time, he wanted to do something to honor his father’s sense of humor.

He explained that his original plan was to take his father’s ashes to the beach, ride bumper cars, and enjoy ice cream, all the typical activities associated with a beach outing.

However, he got sidetracked by running into some friends and ended up getting drunk along the seafront.

Upon realizing his father was missing, Mr. Blade immediately retraced his steps to every pub he had visited with his friends. However, nobody had seen the shopping bag.

He recalled seeing the wooden casket containing his father’s ashes near Adventure Island on the seafront. Consequently, he made a TikTok video appealing for information on the missing remains, which he titled “Missing Person.”

In the video, which he made on the same night, he explained that he had come up with the idea of taking his father’s ashes with him while visiting his hometown from Leicester to see his family and friends.

“I convinced my step-mum to do a TikTok,” he said. “I thought it would be funny – put him in the dodgem cars, put him in the big wheel, give him a kiss-me-quick hat and a stick of rock and stuff. She didn’t want me to do it but I did it anyway.”

@stanstoks Lost my dad’s ashes and step mums not happy ! #FindStansDad #stanstoks #stanblade #rip ♬ original sound – S T A N B L A D E !

When he asked his stepmother, Emma Hopkins, if she was ready to find humor in the situation, she responded with, “Not really no, I’ve f***ing had those ashes for 12 years.

“I told you not to take them to the seafront. All you want to do is do things on TikTok.”

If Mr. Jewitt’s ashes are not located soon, his son stated that he will report them missing to the police.