Man alleges discovery of ‘twitching’ cotton rat in Chinese takeout leaves him appalled

A gentleman’s appetite for Chinese cuisine took an unexpected twist when he encountered a startling surprise in his meal, which he initially mistook for a large mushroom. Little did he know that his culinary experience would soon turn into a nauseating ordeal, as he uncovered a shocking secret lurking in his soup dish.

Sam Hayward, a 39-year-old diner from Kent, was in for an unsettling surprise as he dug into his mushroom noodle soup one evening. While indulging in his dinner, he noticed unusual movement within the savory broth. A sense of unease washed over him, prompting him to reach for his smartphone and record the disturbing sight that had disrupted his meal.

In disbelief, Sam dialed the number of the restaurant from which his girlfriend, Emily, had ordered their Chinese takeaway. He described the peculiar occurrence to them, hoping to shed light on the unsettling discovery he had made.

Recalling the unusual turn of events, Mr. Hayward explained, “My missus rang me up asking if I wanted anything to eat, and I said I fancied a jacket potato. She said she wanted Chinese, so she won that one.” Little did he know that this culinary choice would lead to a rather disconcerting dining experience.

As Sam continued to consume his meal, he couldn’t shake the feeling that something was amiss. He recounted, “I started eating and got about three-quarters to halfway through it and then thought, ‘That’s a big mushroom, isn’t it?'” To his astonishment, the “big mushroom” was far from ordinary—it was twitching. Sam, no zoologist, was certain that the creature couldn’t possibly be alive. His initial glimpse of the tail sent shivers down his spine, leaving him utterly unnerved.

Disturbed by the encounter, Mr. Hayward retreated to the restroom for approximately 25 minutes, attempting to induce vomiting as a result of the shock and disgust he had experienced. Despite considering himself to have a “pretty strong stomach,” this incident was a whole different level of unsettling.

Emily had paid for the meal with cash, and they hadn’t received a receipt for the takeaway, complicating the matter further. In addition, Mr. Hayward mentioned that the Chinese restaurant, a place he had frequented for nearly two decades, vehemently denied any responsibility for the alarming discovery in his soup.

Expressing his sentiments, Mr. Hayward stated, “All I wanted was for them to apologize – it’s just the principle. I didn’t want them to say, ‘Sam, you have free Chinese food for life’… I wouldn’t have wanted it.”

In a bizarre twist, a Chinese takeaway left a customer attempting to “vomit” after he encountered a mysterious creature in his mushroom noodle soup. Despite the unsettling ordeal, the restaurant in question adamantly denied any wrongdoing, leaving the customer bewildered and seeking an apology rather than free meals for life.

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