Man adopts 2 siblings so they can live together after 3 years apart

Since they were the only remaining members of their true family, the boys wanted more than anything to continue living together.

The experience of moving from one foster home to another is challenging for children of all ages. While some children are fortunate enough to share a house with their siblings, others must live separately. They are forced to rely on monthly gatherings as the only opportunity to interact with one another.

Observing siblings being kept apart from one another is a painful sight to behold

In point of fact, a significant number of children who are placed into foster care go through significant amounts of stress, depression, physical discomfort, and emotional loss. Their feelings are a direct result of their new environment, in which they are required to learn how to adapt and survive.

Other children suffer emotional distress as a result of being split up from their siblings


It’s a sad reality, yet many sets of siblings end up being adopted by separate homes. The youngsters who are a part of this system feel an overwhelming sense of melancholy as a result.

Studies have shown that children who are separated from their siblings due to the child welfare system may experience a sense that they have lost a part of who they are


It shouldn’t come as a surprise that the story of two brothers has moved the hearts of a great number of people.

Both Tre and Ke’lynn had spent the previous three and a half years in the custody of the Child Protective Services.

They spent the majority of that time living in foster homes that were completely different from one another. The guys had to recover from the traumatic experiences they’d been through before they could live together.

Ke’lynn wiped his teary eyes as he spoke to WFAA about the situation: “I want to see him every day and I don’t.”


Tre and Ke’lynn realized that they could only rely on each other. But they had to settle for once a month visitation. When the brothers saw each other, they almost didn’t want to let go.


Tre provided an answer that was both straightforward and sincere when he was asked whether he could have any wish.

He said, “To live with him.”


Thankfully, a man who cared about the brothers and wanted to help them came to their aid.


Dr. Robert Beck shared his thoughts with WFAA: “I was crying mostly because it just pulled at my heartstrings, and I felt an instant connection with the boys, and I said I’ve got to figure out a way to get these boys in my home and learn more about them.” 

Following his viewing of the video of the brothers, he made the decision to adopt them.


After Beck broke the news to them, both boys broke down in tears and embraced Beck, who would eventually become their father. It was a happy time for Beck and the boys since it meant that they would finally be able to live together after such a long time. They were also adopted by a kind and caring man who promised to provide for all of their needs going forward.