Lucas Black, at the peak of Hollywood career, decided to give it all up for God and currently stars in NCIS

Actor Lucas Black, known for his roles in various films including the Fast and Furious franchise and as Special Agent Christopher LaSalle on NCIS: New Orleans, had a thriving career until he felt called by God to prioritize his faith.

As he started to reconsider the importance of religion in his life after establishing a family, Lucas turned to the Bible and felt God directing him on a new path in 2015.

Although his career provided a wonderful life for his spouse and children, Lucas realized that certain things money cannot buy, and he started to seek something more meaningful than worldly achievement. As his connection with Christ became stronger, his time on NCIS: New Orleans became more of a hardship than a gift, and Lucas saw God’s call to reorder his priorities.

Despite his success in Hollywood, Lucas made the courageous choice to take a leap of faith and prioritize his time with his family and Heavenly Father. He made his last appearance on NCIS: New Orleans in 2019 and took a break from acting.

After leaving NCIS, Lucas and his wife prayed about their next steps, and God answered their prayers by introducing them to Pastor Eric Ludy, who informed Lucas about the faith-based film Legacy Peak. Both Lucas and his wife felt that this was God’s answer to their prayers, and Lucas was drawn to the film’s positive message about the importance of having a good earthly father and the love and satisfaction we can receive from our Heavenly Father.

Through this experience, Lucas has realized that as a parent, he needs to be flexible with his children and trust that they are in the hands of their Heavenly Father, despite their mistakes. Although Lucas’ accomplishments in Hollywood are impressive, it is truly inspirational to see him now using his talents to glorify God and fulfill His desires.